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Track And Analyze All Of Your Sales And Marketing Efforts, But Especially Your Email Campaigns

Track And Analyze All Of Your Sales And Marketing Efforts, But Especially Your Email Campaigns

How do you measure the success of your email campaigns? It can be difficult to track the connection between a message you send and purchases. There are usually many steps in between—web visits, multiple nurturing emails, sales calls, reference customers and more—before a customer completes a sale, even when the initial impetus for that sale was one of your email messages.

By connecting your sales and marketing systems to your ERP systems, you will help close the loop on all of your marketing data. You’ll be able to determine effectiveness by measuring things like click-through rates, new leads, new pipeline growth and tying all of the data together into actionable reports.

All of this data allows you to maximize your Marketing Return on Investment (mROI). You will see which list segments—markets, programs, vendor offers, geographies—drive the most revenue for your efforts. This provides clarity to your marketing decisions and helps you invest in programs that you know are successful. By tracking your leads from acquisition to closed sale, you can determine which of your marketing activities are the most valuable to your business. This obviously helps you team tune their email marketing, but it also helps with all of your marketing efforts, social media, web click paths, sales calls, telemarketing and more.

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