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Finding opportunities for growth in a changing industry

As a distribution executive, you must constantly be on the lookout for new opportunities for growth or face revenue erosion from new competitors and online sources. The best place to find new growth is by increasing your sales and marketing effectiveness.

Change is the only constant in the world of distribution

The world of distribution is constantly changing. You face new competition, new product innovations, new demand patterns. As a CEO, you must constantly be on the lookout for new opportunities for growth in an ever changing marketplace.

Where should you begin looking for those new growth opportunities? The best place to start is by increasing your sales and marketing effectiveness among the customers you’re already servicing.

Increase Enterprise Value

The keys to improving enterprise value in distribution are profitability and predictable, sustainable growth. SMP helps you grow profitably by increasing sales and marketing efficiencies and identifying new areas for growth such as cross-selling, upselling and improved competitive positioning.

Drive New Growth

SMP helps distributors drive new growth. With a combination of CRM, BI, dashboards, mobile tools and marketing software, you can increase new revenues without commensurate increases in expenses. Your reps will have the data they need to really understand what your customers are buying and your managers will have tools to manage their activities and goals.

Improved Visibility

SMP provides visibility across your organization, business goals, sales forecasts, trends and opportunities, customer engagement, marketing performance and more. By combining built-in BI and dashboards with tight ERP integrations, SMP provides actionable insights in all areas of your business from a single platform.


Distribution CEOs and executive teams depend on SMP

Increase Sales

SMP helps you increase sales while managing costs by cross-selling and up-selling existing customers with targeted campaigns. Your reps will be more efficient and better organized and your managers can easily hold them accountable with activity management and robust reporting.

Launch new lines and markets

With SMP, you will have the information you need to identify new opportunities with new product lines, new markets and new geographies. With our advanced marketing tools, your launches will be carefully executed and manage for even greater success.

“We have many manufacturers and they’re all rolling out plenty of new product lines.  We can’t possibly send them all to all of our customers.  But I can use SMP to determine who has bought a similar manufacturer’s product from us in the past so we can target the people who will most likely be most interested in this new offering.”

Bigger Pipeline

SMP helps you increase the number of customer opportunities in your pipeline by better segmenting your lists and profiles and delivering personalized offerings to each of your customers.

“With SMP, we can easily see where we are (in sales volume) with a particular customer, vendor or product category.  And when we’re down, we can make a change to try to improve that before it’s the end of the year and we realize we’re down by X% and can’t do anything about it.”

Close more deals

With SMP, your reps can minimize the leaks in your sales pipeline with better forecast and opportunity management. They will close more opportunities with our automation around bid and quote follow up. They will also face shorter sales cycles by leveraging detailed sales intelligence for every customer.

Increased efficiencies

SMP improves your profit margins as your sales reps spend more time selling and less time on administrative tasks. You’ll identify and close more deals without having to hire proportionately as your pipeline grows. Reps love SMP because it lets them focus on what they do best — selling — and spend less time preparing reports, emails and data-rich presentations.

Improved corporate-wide visibility


SMP gives you the visibility you need for the performance of your entire business. Naturally, this includes sales and marketing performance tracking and reporting around activities, forecasts, market trends, campaign effectiveness and more. But SMP goes a step further because of our self-serve visualizations and tight integrations to your ERP system. With SMP, you’ll be able to gain valuable insights in all areas of your business for better analysis and faster decision making.


Distribution Sales Trends

Based on the results of our recent focus groups, this report shares the methods that sales and marketing leaders are planning to use  to gain deeper insights, build stronger relationships, serve their customers and improve their marketing effectiveness. This extensive 27-page report covers issues including:

  • Distribution top sales priorities
  • Sales management challenges leaders worry about
  • Strategies for mobile tools
  • Using business intelligence to find new opportunities
  • Closing more bids and quotes

Inefficiencies Are a Barrier to Growth

Distributors face barriers to growth through inefficiencies. SMP helps distributors leverage data, technology and centralized information to bring a greater level of efficiency and professionalism to your sales and marketing organization.

“We’re already up 23% year-to date… I directly attribute this to SMP!”

Bryan Stewart
Vice President of Sales

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