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Provide reports, BI, tighter ERP integrations and mobile access

As a fully cloud-based solution, SMP gives your sales and marketing teams what they need without burdening your IT team.

The CRM, BI and marketing platform that distribution IT teams trust

Distribution companies do not often have large IT departments. And yet, the demands on their CIOs and VPs of IT are often frequent and challenging. Sometimes it feels like you never have enough resources to handle all of the many challenges and requests you face — reporting, dashboards, mobile tools, unified data and more. SMP can help you achieve your goals with less stress on your team.

Hosted and cloud-based

SMP is an easy to implement SaaS solution, providing hosted applications for CRM, sales and marketing collaboration, as well as e-marketing. This eliminates the overhead of server purchases, regular maintenance, dedicated IT staff, and takes the burden of ongoing backup and disaster recovery planning off of your team.

Most-wanted tools

SMP helps you provide your team with the tools they’re asking for. In addition to providing a leading CRM and business intelligence application that integrates with your ERP application, SMP includes native mobile applications along with business intelligence and dashboards.

Fast, easy implementation

SMP’s hosted, scalable model makes implementation quick and easy. Because SMP was designed specifically for distribution, your users will find it easy to learn and readily embrace its use.

Distribution IT teams turn to SMP

Push-button reports designed for distribution

SMP provides out-of-the box, canned reports that are specifically designed for durable goods wholesale distribution companies. In addition, SMP’s custom report building capabilities are so easy to use, you can create custom reports that fit your business quickly and easily without having to involve your IT team in another lengthy project.

Because our reports are permission based, you don’t have to create unique sets of reports for each employee. Instead, you can create one report and set the permissions for that report so that the appropriate users can quickly access the information they need.

Providing your company with new process improvements

Distribution companies depend on their IT teams to provide them with the latest technology for cost savings and process improvements. SMP helps you meet these goals with self-serve dashboards, native mobile applications, reporting, activity tracking and more all designed to improve the efficiencies of your entire company.

Provide access to unified ERP and CRM data

One of the key differentiators that makes SMP unique is the ability to combine your CRM and ERP data through tight integrations and offer easy access to that data. Unifying all of your company’s important data keeps your team on the same page, eliminates silos, improves execution and allows for in-depth analysis through our built-in reporting and self-serve data visualizations.

Extend the value of your ERP system

By providing CRM, BI, mobile, marketing and dashboard tools all in one platform tied into your ERP system with seamless integrations, you can extend the value of your ERP system for the entire organization. SMP allows your team to combine all of your data for better analysis, self-serve visualization of unified data, marketing list profiling, customer share of wallet analysis and more.

“SMP has been one of the best implementations we have had as a company.  We were astounded at the speed of the process and turnaround on action items by the SMP Team.”

Provide the tools expected by the next generation of employees

The next generation of employees in your organization will be digital natives — employees who didn’t have to learn about the value of technology because they were born into a technologically-savvy world. They expect CRM, mobile devices, easy user interfaces, data sharing and more. With SMP you will be able to provide the tools your newest hires expect.

Protect the intellectual property of your sales and marketing organization

Every distributor’s key information is really their intellectual property related to their key relationships. Where does that intellectual property reside today? Is it in a company database, or is it in the folders, emails and heads of your individual sales reps? SMP helps you centralize, protect and optimize your most important information so that you can easily onboard and transition new employees when sales and marketing employees leave your company.

The Role of IT in Process Improvement

SMP makes it easy for your IT team to provide tools for increased sales efficiency with a hosted solution for CRM, data visualization, business intelligence and mobile sales management.

“SMP was willing to work with us based or staff needs, and the incremental rollout was important to us instead of pushing everything ‘day one’.”

Scott Sokoly
Business Systems Administrator
Trade Supply Group

Resources for Technology Teams

We can help you meet the growing IT demands of your company. Most importantly, we’re experts in distribution software and distribution sales, so you can trust our integrations and best practices.

Learn how user-driven data visualization combined with unified CRM and ERP data is helping distributors unlock success.


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Distribution Sales Trends

Based on the results of our recent focus groups, this report shares the methods that sales and marketing leaders are planning to use to gain deeper insights, build stronger relationships, serve their customers and improve their marketing effectiveness. This extensive 27-page report covers issues including:

  • Distribution top sales priorities
  • Sales management challenges leaders worry about
  • Strategies for mobile tools
  • Using business intelligence to find new opportunities
  • Closing more bids and quotes
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