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Includes up to five users

Enable your entire sales team for less than your monthly lunch expense

Deliver the revenue-building tools your team deserves

Customer Management

Complete visibility to your important customer information including open orders, bids and quotes, sales and activity history and much more.

Contact Management

Everyone on your team will have the information they need to track important activities, tasks, notes, emails, and more.

Prospect Management

Your reps can manage their tasks, calls, appointments, sales notes, history and to-dos inside of SMP.

Activity Management

Add and report on tasks, log phone calls, record customer meetings and log information requests for yourself or for others in your company.

Opportunity Management

Everything your reps and sales managers need to track opportunities is included — products, dollars and cents, activities, contacts and notes.

Pipeline Visibility

By using SMP’s built-in reporting and dashboard tools, you can know instantly where your sales forecast stands.

Data Visualizations

Combining distribution CRM and ERP data, analytics, data visualization and dashboards all in a single platform gives a powerful competitive advantage with a complete view of your customer information.

Available Anywhere

Customers, contacts, activities, scheduled meetings, notes, sales history and more—all combined into native applications for your for iOS and Android.

Actionable Analytics

Review and quickly act on information about customers, prospects, activities, open orders, sales history, bid and quotes, pipeline, product lines and groups, vendors, margins, trends, product history and more.

Push-button Reporting

SMP provides out-of-the box, canned reports that are specifically designed for durable goods wholesale distribution companies.

Easy as Excel

SMP’s is easy and familiar to any Microsoft users with features familiar in MS Excel, like filtering, grouping and sorting for rapid use.

Fast List Segmentation

Being able to quickly and easily create new targeted lists allows your team to make more relevant offers to the exact right set of customers, which in turn increases your sales and marketing effectiveness.

Auto-assign Activities

By automatically creating activities, opportunities and follow up tasks for your reps, you will close more of your open orders, bids and quotes, something that every distributor struggles with.

Targeted Marketing

By having all your CRM and ERP data integrated with your marketing data you can segment your marketing lists to make the right offer to the right contact at the right time.

Email and Newsletters

There is no need to have to upload list to a third party; it is automatically available to you for your campaigns, e-blasts, newsletters and more.

Track Projects

Reps can add projects and assign tasks and activities within a project to themselves, a customer, an associate, a partner or a vendor.

Voice to Text

Use your phone’s built-in voice recognition software to “talk” your customer meeting notes, task updates, or phone call notes directly into an SMP activity.

Single-click Calling

With one click, your reps can call their customers from anywhere in a matter of seconds. Make more calls and save time to focus on selling.

ERP Integrations

With integrations to leading distribution ERP systems, SMP connects your reps to customers, geographies, product lines, part-level data and more.

Robust API

If you need to connect to an outside Lead Management System, Marketing Automation Platforms, E-Commerce System, or others, we have you covered.

SMP is an easy-to-implement, hosted application

Sales Management Plus is a leading distribution CRM and business intelligence application designed for wholesale distributors. Best of all, it is a single platform for your entire sales team.

SMP is a “cloud-based” application that integrates with your ERP system to leverage important information such as accounts, contacts, and historical transaction data. Combining distribution CRM with business intelligence and mobile tools is truly the next evolution in distribution technology, giving your executives and your sales teams data access allows them to make faster, better decisions and out-compete the other distributors in your markets.

Hassle-free sales execution.

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