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Connect SMP to Your Other Third-Party Applications Using SMP’s Robust APIs

Interconnected data is here, and SMP provides API connectors to allow integration with outside data points to help you know more about your customers, respond more quickly to their needs and track progress.  Whether that means integration with an outside Lead Management System, Marketing Automation Platforms, E-Commerce System, or others, we have you covered. 

Where do you want to take your integrations?

The SMP API allows you to connect your ERP, sales and marketing data anywhere that makes you more efficient.

  • Ability to read/write customer and prospect data
  • Ability to read/write contact data
  • Ability to read/write profiling information for customers/prospects and contacts
  • Ability to create/assign activities to the customer/prospect assigned rep from 3d party to SMP
  • Ability to create/write back marketing lists
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constant contact integration


A popular example of the power of our API to integrate into useful third-party applications is our integration to Constant Contact. Distributors who use Constant Contact use our integration to:

  • Send contacts direct to Constant Contact – no manual data entry or managing contacts in multiple places
  • SMP Contact Profiling, Marketing Interests and Company Profile values are included making it easy to segment your campaigns
  • All Marketing Lists will sync to Constant Contact for easy email marketing to your segmented contacts including email permission settings
  • Opt Outs bi-directionally sync to ensure your company is fully respecting your contact’s marketing preferences

APIs for Distribution CRM

SMP APIs will allow reading of customer and contact data directly from SMP, followed by the ability to write back new customer and prospect information as well as new/updated contact info to your chosen third-party tools, including activity creation in SMP as a part of the write-back process – such as who received certain marketing campaign messages; what actions did a contact take as a result of your company’s outreach; what info does a new prospect/lead need from you from a sales perspective; and more.

Increased Efficiency

Our API allows you to integrate data and sales workflows across many areas of your company and eliminates manual processes between systems.

Job Satisfaction

Your employees get the best of both worlds — the easy-to-use CRM functionality of SMP combined with the benefits of your other systems.

Greater Effectiveness

The systems that matter most to your growth — CRM, BI, e-commerce, marketing automation and more — are more effective when they can share data and work together.

Practical Use Cases

How you use the SMP APIs is only limited by your imagination. Here are some examples current clients have already shared.


  • Connect important customer behavior from e-commerce with SMP
  • Add and update contacts in SMP
  • Trigger follow-ups for abandoned carts of high-value
  • Create follow-ups on in SMP on service agreements and warranty renewals
Business colleagues collaborating and discussing project plans

Marketing Automation

  • Leverage SMP marketing lists inside your marketing automation system
  • Assign follow-up activities to reps based on marketing automation interactions
  • Sync email permissions
  • Update marketing lists based on contact behavior
  • Update contacts
  • Provide lead score and marketing interactions to your reps inside of SMP
  • Add leads from marketing automation into SMP
  • Track marketing automation activities like landing pages, forms fills, etc., inside SMP

Lead Management Systems

Use SMP APIs with your Lead Management System, on a scheduled basis to:

  • Assign leads to reps
  • Create and update contact information
  • Create new companies and prospects in SMP for ongoing nurturing and sales
  • Assign tasks and follow-up activities to reps from lead management system
    • Linked to the appropriate customer/prospect and contact, with relevant info on what the “lead” needs – follow-up on sales opportunity, quote, etc. – and assign that task to the customer/prospect’s account manager
Distribution Phone CRM
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Phone Systems

Write Phone Call logs to SMP – linked to the appropriate company and contact – indicating who spoke with a company/contact, and when.

Connect Your World

Use SMP’s APIs to connect your SMP CRM with the tools in your arsenal — things like marketing automation, lead generation systems, web conferencing, email platforms, e-commerce and more.

CRM Integration API

Learn More About How Our API Can Help You

SMP API Connectors to allow you to integrate with your chosen third-party platforms, and capitalize on the pairing of this info with CRM and ERP sales intelligence, already managed within SMP.  Holistic integration between these interrelated tools can help take your customer communication to the next level and SMP pleased to be your partner as you leverage those connections. Book time with one of our experts today to discuss where you’d like to take your business.

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