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CRM, BI and proactive marketing integrated to your ERP system to help you grow your top-line. Proactively manage your sales process, execute integrated marketing, deliver self-serve dashboards and close more sales.

CRM Designed for Distribution


Many distributors have given up on CRM because of the endless customizations and frustrations from “one-size-fits-all” solutions. Thankfully, distributors have SMP – a distribution CRM solution designed specifically for the way distribution sales teams work.


We recently surveyed distribution industry professionals about their targeted marketing practices and the results are amazing. Did you know that distributors using targeted marketing are:

  • 450% more likely to experience higher order profitability
  • 270% more likely to experience improved sales rep execution
  • 220% more likely to experience higher order size

And it’s easy to get started with targeted marketing. Please download this report where you will learn:

  • How leading distributors leverage targeted marketing for revenue growth
  • What single targeted marketing practice can almost 5X reported results in order profitability
  • How top distributors use targeted marketing to improve rep effectiveness, closing rates and earn more share of wallet
  • How you can get started in targeted marketing today with very little effort and investment

Finding opportunities for growth in a changing industry

As a distribution executive, you must constantly be on the lookout for new opportunities for growth or face revenue erosion from new competitors and online sources. The best place to find new growth is by increasing your sales and marketing effectiveness.

“We’re already up 23% year-to date… I directly attribute this to SMP!”

Bryan Stewart
Vice President of Sales

What to Read

Read our new report based on the results of our distribution focus groups, highlighting the methods distribution sales and marketing leaders are to gain deeper insights, build stronger relationships, serve their customers and improve their marketing effectiveness.

How We Help

Supporting Sales Leaders with Data Visualization


Highly effective distribution sales teams run SMP

As a sales leader, you are always looking for ways to improve your team’s productivity, opportunity management and forecasting capabilities. With SMP, your team spends more time selling and less time on non-productive tasks.

High-growth companies in our distribution sales focus groups were 6X as likely to have CRM as their low-growth counterparts. High-growth companies were also twice as likely to have integrated BI.

Free Report
Focus Group Results: Trends in Distribution Sales and Marketing

What to Read

This SMP Green Paper was written for those sales and marketing leaders who not only want to create new sales and drive revenue, but also want to raise their game to executive-level standards.

How We Help

Building a Solid Sales Follow-Up Process


SMP helps you out-compete the field.

Marketing teams at most distribution firms never have enough resources. There seem to be endless opportunities that sales reps and vendors want to take advantage of, but a very limited supply of marketing funds and staff. SMP makes life a little easier for distribution marketing teams.

According to Aberdeen Group, companies with integrated marketing analytics experienced a 5% profit margin improvement per customer vs. 2% average. That’s more than doubling profit margins per customer through better marketing that is powered by actionable analytics. The key is doing what SMP does by integrating your data and analysis capabilities all the way to your sales and marketing lists, activities and execution.

Read the Blog Post
The Growing Involvement of Marketing in Distribution

What to Read

This report will show you how a distribution-specific CRM system can help you manage information about your competition so that you can quickly and easily identify the customers your competitors serve so that you can begin  chipping away at their market share.

How We Help

Five Reasons Distribution CMOs Love SMP


Video: Making Distribution Marketing Easy


Provide reports, BI, tighter ERP integrations, and mobile access

As a fully cloud-based solution, SMP gives your sales and marketing teams what they need without burdening our IT team.

“SMP was willing to work with us based or staff needs, and the incremental rollout was important to us instead of pushing everything ‘day one’.”


Scott Sokoly
Business Systems Administrator

What to Read

Are you ready to take advantage of the latest technology in CRM and Business Intelligence that is driving growth for leading distributors?

Read how Trade Supply Group found the ‘sweet spot’ between what the company needed collectively and what each business unit needed individually.

Distribution Sales Trends

Based on the results of our recent focus groups, this report shares the methods that sales and marketing leaders are planning to use to gain deeper insights, build stronger relationships, serve their customers and improve their marketing effectiveness. This extensive 27-page report covers issues including:

  • Distribution top sales priorities
  • Sales management challenges leaders worry about
  • Strategies for mobile tools
  • Using business intelligence to find new opportunities
  • Closing more bids and quotes
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