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Unlocking Sales Potential with the Customer Product Mix Sheet in SMP Dashboards

Distribution is exceptionally competitive, and finding ways to maximize your sales opportunities can help you with that competitive edge. You can use the Customer Product Mix Sheet within SMP’s Dashboards to help make this easier on you and your team.  Here is an overview of its functionalities so you can unlock its potential for driving strategic sales growth.

Accessing the Sheet

Located within the SMP dashboards, the Customer Product Mix Sheet is readily accessible. Simply select your desired sheet using the sheet selector in the upper right corner of your screen.

Visualizing Customer Buying Patterns

This powerful tool allows you to visually analyze the current year’s product purchases by category for each customer. This insightful visualization helps you identify “holes” or untapped opportunities to expand product sales into new categories within existing customer accounts.

Upselling isn’t about pushing products. It’s about identifying customer needs and offering solutions that enhance their existing purchases and workflow. By leveraging the Customer Product Mix Sheet, your sales team can approach upselling with data-driven insights and a customer-centric perspective, paving the way for successful and mutually beneficial sales interactions.

Let’s say you have a customer who consistently buys power tools but never drilling accessories. That could be a “hole,” in their purchasing patterns that you’ve identified. Your account manager can use the missing category as a springboard to understand the customer’s specific needs within that area. Maybe they spend some time researching the customer’s drilling projects to identify compatible drill bits, hole saws, or safety gear. The rep can use the data to help craft a tailored message to the customer about how it solves their specific problem and enhances their existing purchases.

For example, the rep could schedule a call, email or other activity with the customer inside of SMP to communicate something like, “I noticed you haven’t gotten any drill bits lately. We have a new range of high-quality bits that would be perfect for your upcoming project, saving you time and frustration in finding the right ones.”

You could also consider creating bundled packages that combine the new product with their existing purchases, offering a discounted price or additional value. Maybe you create something like a “drilling essentials kit” that includes the drill bits, hole saws, and safety glasses at a discounted price.

Current Customer Insights

Account managers can leverage the sheet to uncover sales patterns and trends with their assigned customers. By analyzing the data, they can readily identify:

  • Product categories underrepresented in customer purchases: This unveils potential areas for upselling and cross-selling, maximizing sales potential.
  • Opportunities to expand on existing purchases: Identify complementary products or services that can enhance customer value and increase order value.

Branch Performance Analysis

Branch managers can gain valuable insights into branch performance across various product categories. This allows them to:

  • Identify branches excelling in moving all product categories: Recognizing top performers can inform best practices sharing and drive overall branch performance.
  • Pinpoint branches with lagging product categories: This empowers targeted coaching and sales strategy adjustments to unlock untapped opportunities within specific branches.

Coaching and Collaboration

The sheet serves as a powerful coaching tool for branch managers during one-on-one sales meetings with their reps. By highlighting slow-moving or stagnant product categories, managers can:

  • Guide reps to focus their sales efforts: Equip them with actionable insights to prioritize products with greater sales potential in upcoming meetings.
  • Collaborate on sales strategies: Facilitate discussions to develop targeted approaches for expanding product reach within specific customer accounts.

Corporate and Administrative Oversight

Corporate and administrative users can leverage the branch filter to analyze product movement across different branches. Additionally, the account manager filter allows them to:

  • Monitor the performance of individual account managers: Gain insights into their sales effectiveness and identify areas for improvement.
  • Collaborate with branch and account managers: Facilitate data-driven discussions to identify and address challenges, ultimately optimizing sales efforts across the organization.

A Fit for Your Entire Organization

The Customer Product Mix Sheet within SMP dashboards is a valuable tool for distribution professionals at all levels. By leveraging its functionalities, you can gain valuable insights into customer buying patterns, optimize sales strategies, and unlock new avenues for growth. Remember, consistent data analysis and informed action are key to maximizing sales potential in today’s dynamic market.

Ready to take the next step? Start exploring the Customer Product Mix Sheet within your SMP dashboard today with this short (2:37) on-demand training video.

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