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Welcome Lowe Electric

SMP Welcomes Lowe Electric Supply Company

SMP Welcomes Lowe Electric Supply Company

SMP is happy to welcome Lowe Electric Supply Company to our user family.

Lowe Electric was founded in 1903 by Henry Lowe, Sr. on the principle of providing quality electrical products with premium service. Henry Sr. was later joined by his two sons, Henry Lowe Jr. and Edward Lowe.

During this time, the company continued to grow and prosper. James Kinman joined Lowe in 1961 and took over the running of the company in 1967, the year of Ed Lowes death. During the 1970’s and 1980’s the company continued to expand. In 1989 the fourth generation family member (Jim Kinman) to join the family business.

Lowe Electric has continued to grow based on the original principles of quality electrical products and premium service. Lowe is the premier full service diversified electrical wholesale distributor in middle Georgia. Lowe Electric Company has a total commitment to excellence through dependability, quality and service. With this commitment, Lowe is a diversified electrical wholesaler at a very competitive price. Lowe Electric has 8 branches with daily delivery trucks serving Georgia and South Carolina.

By partnering with SMP, Lowe Electric Supply Company will enjoy industry-leading distribution CRM, reporting, analytics, self-serve data visualizations, dashboards and marketing in a single platform.

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