Release Notes — SMP Mobile

Last Modified: January 18, 2021

SMP Mobile for iOS - Version 1.10.6496

Customer Meetings

  • Fixed: Meeting times, when set from the SMP Mobile Calendar, are not retained as set by the user.
  • Fixed: App crashes when selecting meetings from the Activities List or the SMP Mobile Calendar.

SMP Mobile for iOS - Version 1.8.5418

Customer Meetings

  • Fixed: Save and cancel buttons missing/hidden following initial activity save.


  • Fixed: Decision Date is changes are not being retained.

SMP Mobile for iOS - Version 1.7.21101.1

Customer Meetings

  • Fixed: Multiple Customer Meeting activities created when updating Notes and saving changes from Notes screen.
  • Fixed: Intermittent Fault error when accessing an existing Customer Meeting from the in-app Calendar.


  • Fixed: Duplicate New Customer records created when adding Notes and saving changes from Notes screen.

SMP Mobile for Android- Version 1.7.21030.1

Preferences/Auto-Log Settings

  • Fixed: Auto-Log settings for Phone Calls are being ignored when calls are placed from any Contact record.
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