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Release Notes — Sales Management Plus

Last Modified: October 26, 2023

Release 10.0.11

      • Text Color Palate Updates: text was darkened for all areas, including read-only fields, where reading text can be difficult. Further, link colors were also darkened (darker blue: before clicking; darker purple: after clicking) to improve readability/usability.
      • Fixed: Dashboards – Company Lists saved via Dashboards saving as empty lists (no companies).
          • This has been resolved and lists are now saving with all designated companies included.
      • Fixed: Companies/Sales Details Tab – using the dropdown to choose a product level for additional sales detail triggers an Unhandled Exception error.
          • This has been resolved. Dropdown now returns results to the grid below.
      • Fixed: Goals Subject Area – long lags in data load and dropdown list loading in Goals subject area.
        • This has been resolved.
      • Fixed: Companies – trailing spaces in Company Names and Div/Ref names are not being recognized as valid characters, and cannot be removed then changes saved.
        • This has been resolved. Removal of trailing spaces in a name is now recognized accordingly, and upon save, the Company updated date is updated accordingly.

Release 10.0.10

      • Fixed: Opportunities – Opportunity Links are not functioning, prior links may be missing.
          • This has been resolved and prior links that were hidden are now showing as normal.
      • Fixed: Market Analysis and Custom Reports – Client-Customized Pivot Tables are only generating headers, not completing on output.
          • This has been resolved.  Note that this only impacts clients using customized versions of the Excel Pivot Tables in SMP. Standard SMP Pivot Table reports remain unaffected.

Dashboards Update v33

      • New Sheets Released – learn more via the Featured Videos Section of our On-Demand Training Channel.
          • Customer Product Mix: gives users the ability to see what their customers are buying, by product category (based on your company’s specific product group hierarchy). The data can be filtered by branch (Selling or Customer Home Branch) and/or Assigned Account Manager. This sheet is ideal for identifying customer sales opportunities by product category, to aid in guiding customer buying conversations, or for sales rep coaching in 1-1 sales meetings.
          • Branch and Sales Activities: gives managers insights into what’s happening inside their particular branch. Quick-review gauges let the manager understand how the branch is performing, overdue tasks lists allows the manager to see what remains for his team to complete, and account manager sales comparisons for easier management and coaching of the sales team.
          • Daily Snapshot: sheet allows users a quick overview of what’s happening with their customer base, and what needs attention today. This sheet, ideal for sales reps, or sales rep coaching, gives quick-view gauges to help understand performance based on sales performance and progress-to-goal, plus a total assessment on prior day’s invoiced sales. The sheet also features a rundown of outstanding/incomplete tasks assigned to the rep, and upcoming meetings the rep has pre-scheduled via SMP Meetings, so they can easily see what on the docket for their day ahead. Finally, the sheet also features Quotes for follow-up, sorted by dollar amount – so the rep can quickly review and evaluate where to spend time following-up to close additional business.
      • New Sheets Released for Admins – these sheets are intended to help admins and managers monitor user engagement in specified SMP areas.
          • SMP Metrics – Companies and Contacts: details new companies (of all general classes) and contacts added within the last 30/60/90/365 days, as well as dissection of each by branch.
          • SMP Metrics – Activities: details new activities added, and activities completed within the last 30/60/90/365 days, as well as dissection of each by activity type. Also features a table to review sales calls (SMP Meetings) by rep, logged in the last 7/14/30/90/365 days.
          • SMP Metrics – Opportunities: details Opportunities entered, marked won or lost, and trends (open/won/lost) by various select-able dimensions (opportunity manager, account manager, branch, decision time period).

Release 10.0.9

      • Mailing Lists – Export to Excel: Contact Updated Date Added to the Excel Export
          • When exporting to Excel from Mailing Lists, users will now have access to the “Updated Date” field, which includes a date/time stamp of Contact’s last update of any type. This will allow users to export contacts, then further filter/group/sort by Updated Date, as desired.
            • Note: Updates to contacts include name (first and/or last), email, any phone number, alt address, or profiling changes, as well as Notes, Marketing Interest changes, or Opt-Out updates.
      • Fixed: Activities – Grouping by Type Causes Error
          • When grouping by Activity Type, then right clicking to mark an item as “new”, an Unhandled Exception error was presented, preventing the user from marking the item as new and forcing an application exit.  This has been resolved.
      • Fixed: Help Button Not Launching Access to FAQ
          • When attempting to access FAQs via the Help Menu, an Unhandled Exception error was presented, preventing the user from proceeding. This has been resolved, allowing users full access to the Help Menu/FAQ section.
      • Fixed: Dashboards – Sheets Cannot be Exported to Excel
          • Exporting has been fixed to allow PDFs to be created/saved.
      • Fixed: Market Analysis Default Columns
          • For NEW users only, Default Columns in Market Analysis were not presented, creating user confusion on first use. This has been resolved. Note: for existing users (any user who has already logged into SMP and used Market Analysis), the workaround is to use the Columns Tab to check the fields he or she wishes to be displayed.

Release 10.0.8

      • Fixed: Opportunities – Various Bug Fixes
          • Administrative changes to Opportunity Status dropdown (add, edit) are now properly saved/retained.
          • Opportunity Review “group” function now ensures that the grouped-by fields also show in the grid of data, not just the header.
          • Opportunity Type, Priority and Status: when querying previously, extraneous leading/trailing spaces or tabs cause variations in the selected values, and would return seemingly incomplete query results.  Now, if users/admins enter a tab or extraneous spaces before/after values, these will be ignored, ensuring all results with a similar value are retained/displayed when querying.
      • Fixed: New Contact Add from Activities Forms are not Fully Retained
          • Newly created/added Contacts originating from the Activities/Contact Add are now appropriately recorded and associated to the given Activity.
      • Fixed: Dashboards – Sheets with Links to Quote and/or Order Details Don’t Launch Properly When Clicked
          • Links have been corrected so that clicking launches Quote or Open Order details directly from Dashboards.
      • Fixed: Various Reports with Product Level 3 Select-able Details Return an Error when Running to Excel
          • Reporting error (related to ‘productdescription’ missing key) has been corrected so that reports featuring Prod Level 3 (PL 3) selection options run appropriately.
          • This includes the Goals & Potentials Offline Goal Setting Workbook – Subgoals report, and Market Analysis reports such as Product Level Monthly Totals by Group, and Product Level Excel Pivot Table, when any PL3 is selected.

Release 10.0.7

      • Fixed: Dashboards Unexpected Load Error for Select User Machines
          • Included C++ Redistributables into the SMP download/update package to avoid this error on impacted machines.
      • Fixed: Companies & Contacts – Company Web Address Link
          • Company web links, when clicked, will now launch using the machine’s default web browser.  Users may click the “go” button adjacent to the Company Web Address to launch the web page.
      • Fixed: Marketing – MarketPro
          • Marketing Lists saved within MarketPro have been corrected to save appropriately after creating a new draft email.

Release 10.0.6

      • Fixed: Information Request – Date/Time Offset Error
          • Information Requests have been corrected to avoid date/time offset errors. Activities of this type can now be created/edited/saved successfully without error.
      • Fixed: Missing Fields in Open Order Review Details Grid
          • Added missing fields to grid detail, allowing on-screen filtering by critical data points, rather than the user having to export to Excel to gain access to the fields.
      • Fixed: Data View – No Principal or Login Credentials Error
          • Resolved nuisance error in Data View; the subject area can now be used fully without the error presenting itself multiple times.
      • Fixed: Grid Level Filters Missing from Quote Review
          • Grid-level filtering has been re-activated in Quote Review to allow for easier filtering by any displayed field.

Release 10.0.5

      • Fixed: Accessing Dashboards administrative tools results in error
          • The Dashboards admin console has been corrected. Admins can now access all functionality within the Dashboards admin tool.
      • Fixed: Slowness in Activities subject area, especially when adding back-to-back new activities
          • Code improvements have been implemented to speed up both the initial load of grid information within Activities, in the retrieval of new activity forms, and saving of forms.
          • Users will notice a “Loading” message in the grid area when the subject area is first opened. While loading, the user may add query criteria, edit viewable columns via “Columns” tab, or choose the “Add Activity” tab and begin adding new activities while the grid loads.

Release 10.0.4

      • Companies: Quotes and Open Orders Tabs
          • Fields were reset for each tab – moving most used/needed fields to the left, and reordering the fields to be in a more logical order.
          • Further, many unneeded/unnecessary fields have been removed for clarity.
          • For clients who have chosen to send custom field headers for Quotes and Open Orders, these will be displayed by default as a part of the grid. Custom line item fields will continue to be available by selecting an individual Quote or Order to review line-item details.
      • Opportunity Review: Option to Mark Opportunities as Completed if Quote is no Longer in File
          • This option allows SMP Administrators the flexibility to manage Opportunities created from a Quote more proactively.
          • When the opportunity is created from a Quote, and the Quote no longer exists in the file, the Opportunity’s status can be automatically changed to Completed (or another defined value from the Opportunity Status dropdown list).
            • This functionality for Opportunities is managed in the Global Settings for the database – via the Quotes tab.
            • A new option – under Status – will allow the admin to choose an Opportunity Status for opportunities specifically created from a Quote that are no longer in the Quote file from the ERP. Once set, the Opportunity Status is selected, and changes saved, the process will be automatic going forward and applied each time a new Quote file is processed.
      • Administrative Controls: Employee Initials
          • Admins now have the option to control how Employee Initials are populated throughout SMP. Traditionally, this has been as described – initials (first/middle/last) of the user, as seen in the Employee Details controls in web admin. However, clients may find that several employees with the same initials can create confusion when reviewing data in grids, or can be too vague.
          • This new feature allows admin to choose the initials format option that best suits their organization (current default, employee ID, first name + last initial, or first initial + last name).
            • This can be managed in Global Settings for the database – Data Load tab – Employees sub-tab.  Users must have Batch Processing Management rights to use/access this area.
            • Admins should select the option most appropriate for their company, then can choose to update all initials immediately, or just save changes – which will only impact new employees going forward (note: this can be beneficial if some management of employee initials was handled manually via web admin, and the company does not want to override those manual changes).  If the admin chooses to update all immediately, the change is applied right away, and will be immediately visible to all users.
            • NOTE: clients who have prior requested programmatic changes to this field will see that this administrative setting has already been set according to their preferred option, and no additional changes will be needed.
      • Fixed: Activity Links are not working properly in Dashboards.
          • Activity links, where displayed, will now link directly to the given activity. When clicked, the activity window will open, displaying the most up-to-date activity info, which can be reviewed and/or edited as necessary.
      • Fixed: Activity Management Report tab is mis-labeled in Excel.
          • Activity Management report, when run to Excel, will now be appropriately named as Activity.
      • Fixed: Changing the name of a Company List (via the Info link) causes the list to reset.
          • Company List name changes will not impact Companies that have been associated to said list.
      • Fixed: Using the Delete key in Data Grids deletes the row, but has no impact on the data.
          • Highlighting a row in any grid inside SMP, then striking the delete key will now no longer remove data from the current view.

Release 10.0.3

      • Companies:
          • Remember User Search Parameters
              • Companies screen will now retain information related to the user’s last used search parameters from session-to-session (after logging out/back in).  This will apply to both the “companies/contacts/both” parameter and the “gen class” parameters (customer/competitor/vendor/other/all).
          • Sales/Sales Detail Tabs – Added Header for Comparative Data
              • Header row information has been added to the Comparative Data section of Sales and Sales Detail tabs to allow users a better understanding of the data groups within the grid.
      • Activities: Capturing and Adjusting for Time Zone Differences
          • SMP is capturing Time Zone information, and will adjust Meeting Times, Reminder Times, and Task Reminders according to a user’s local time zone (as configured on their machine).
          • If a Time Zone adjustment has been applied, the user will see a yellow message indicator box, noting that the times have been adjusted to their local Time Zone.
          • If the Meeting or Task times are not adjusted (meaning the user is viewing the activity information in the same Time Zone as it was created), times will be displayed without a warning.
      • Opportunity Review: Added Product Level 3 Information
          • Product Level 3 information, as recorded on individual Opportunities, will now be displayed in Opportunity Review grid. Users can control whether the column is displayed or not by using the Columns tab within the subject area.
      • Reports: Company Update Report Improvements
          • The Company Update Report has been updated with options to include inactive accounts as a part of the report via use of a checkbox when the user is choosing their report parameters. When checked, this will prompt the report to include both Active and Inactive records, and the report will feature additional fields containing the active/inactive data.
      • Data View: Selection Tab Layout Improvements
          • Data View’s Selection Tab layout has been improved to make better use of available space, allowing users a more complete view of Report titles and created dates.
      • Market Analysis: Header Information Improvements
          • Added Header for Comparative Data – header row information has been added to the Comparative Data section to allow users a better understanding of the data groups within the grid.


      • Fixed: Part Analysis Not Properly Displaying UPC.
          • Part Analysis is now properly displaying UPC information, when passed as part of the sales/POS file.
      • Fixed: Activity TCO Queries Not Respecting 0.00 Queries, No Way to Query Blank Records.
          • Corrected the query process as follows:
              • Added checkboxes for both the Time and TCO value queries
              • Added type-able boxes to allow users to enter a value, including 0.00, and query successfully.
              • Users can check the box AND leave it blank, and locate all records with “no value” recorded (as opposed to 0.00 values or greater).
      • Fixed: Marketing/Broadcast Email Configuration -giving error related to Area Code.
          • Corrected: Users now successfully configure and save broadcast email configuration settings from the Marketing screen.
      • Fixed: Marketing/Export to Excel – Duplicating Column Headers.
          • Corrected: Renamed the Company ID field as Branch ID appropriately; original Company ID field, which contains the assigned ID for the company record in SMP.
      • Fixed: Open Order Details Do Not Contain Order Date.
          • Corrected: Order Date now appears in details and all export to excel options.
      • Fixed: Quote Details Do Not Contain Quote-Related Dates.
          • Corrected: Quote-related dates now appears in details and all export to excel options.
      • Fixed: Company List Button is not Working in Quote Review.
          • Corrected: Users can now use and save Company Lists.
      • Fixed: Company Search Via Dropdown is Not Allowing Users to Switch Between Companies of the Same Name.
          • Corrected: the dropdown now allows for users to choose a company, then choose again to see the company of the same name (but different assigned ID).
      • Fixed: Activities – Index Out of Range error.
          • In rare, specific circumstances, the Index out of Range error was occurring upon open of the screen. The source of the error has been corrected.
      • Fixed: Tasks – Reminders Cannot be Equal to Due Date.
          • Corrected: updated to allow Reminders to be added for any date up to, and including, the Task Due Date.
      • Fixed: Administrative Global Settings for Opportunity Sales Processes and Stages Not Saving.
          • Corrected: updated saving process to allow saving of Sales Processes and Stages, including deletion of stages, within SMP admin.


Release 10.0.2

      • Fixed: Activity error – value you entered isn’t valid for the field
          • In rare instances, Activity data was corrupted upon save, triggering a ‘value’ error when a user attempted to re-open the log. The corrupted data has been corrected, allowing the record to be opened/reviewed, edited and saved.
      • Fixed: Opportunity Load Spreadsheet – will not load properly, indicates ‘Existing Prj’ column cannot be modified.
          • Corrected Opportunity Load process; users can now successfully load Opportunities via the Opportunity Load spreadsheet (to access: open Opportunity Review – choose Reports – Opportunity Load Template – choose OK to generate).
              • Note: only SMP Administrators have access to, and permission to load Opportunities from a spreadsheet. See your SMP Account Manager or internal SMP Administrator for more information.
      • Fixed: Opportunity Load Spreadsheet – will not load properly, indicates select fields listed as “optional” are required.
          • Corrected: Opportunity Load template instructions (located on tab one of the Opportunity Load workbook) have been corrected for clarity.

Release 10.0.1

      • Market Analysis: Added ability to query based on last year vs. two years prev sales and/or GP.
          • Similar to query comparison for YTD vs. PYTD sales and/or GP, users can now query last complete year vs. two years’ prior complete year data.
          • Query comparison dropdowns allow the user to select the percentage desired, or the value desired can be typed in manually.
          • Greater/less than sign is change-able via single click, as is the case with other comparison query fields.
          • Querying by the new comparison field(s) will automatically add the relevant comparison field to the grid of results.
          • Users can also use the Columns tab to add the new comparison field(s) to the grid manually for use/review in analysis or reports, without querying based on the new fields.
          • Relevant reports have been updated to include the new data, when it is included as part of the query or grid setup.
      • Fixed: Customer Meeting and/or Phone Call Log popup boxes appears to be cutting off Notes in screens with higher resolutions or scaling applied.
          • Maximize button has been added to easily allow users to maximize the popup window to take up the full size of their screen for easier review and editing of data.
          • Popup windows can be manually resized by the user, as desired, using a click-and-drag method on the borders or corners of the box to resize.
          • Scroll bar now appears down the right side of the popup if the window is not long enough to display all data to the bottom of the form, including notes.
          • Scroll bar appears within the Notes box, if notes exceed the default visual area.

Release 10.0

**For More information on the introduction of SMP 10, check out our What’s New webcast!**

      • Upgraded user interface and navigation
        • Navigation is now nested at the top of SMP, and subject areas are grouped by type.
        • Executable buttons for each subject area now exist at the top as well, once a subject area is selected.
      • Subject area grouping and name changes are as follows:
        • Home/Start
          • Dashboards
          • KPI (available in legacy client databases only)
        • Companies
          • Companies and Contacts (prior: Customers)
        • Opportunities and Activities
          • Opportunities (prior: Project Add/Edit)
          • Opportunity Review (prior: Project Review)
          • Activities (prior: Activity Review)
        • Sales Analytics
          • Business Summary (prior: Business Totals)
          • Market Analysis (unchanged)
          • Cross Sell Comparison (prior: Business Comparison)
          • Part Analysis (unchanged)
          • Quote Review (prior: Quotes)
          • Open Order Review (prior: Open Orders)
          • Data View (unchanged)
          • Reports (unchanged)
        • Planning
          • Goal Setting (prior: Goals and Potentials)
        • Marketing
          • Mailing Lists (prior: Mailers)
          • MarketPro (available to subscribing clients only)
        • Gear/Tools
          • User Settings
          • Global Settings (Administrative access only)
          • Tools
        • Help – new subject area
      • Introduction of the new subject area – Help
        • Features a searchable list of common help topics.
        • Links to quick how-to videos to get users the assistance they need to be productive.
      • User controls have been streamlined.
        • Users can configure their preferred method of Company Search – dropdown or advanced search dialogue (found under the Gear/User Settings).
      • Company Search modifications
        • For Advanced Search Dialogue box users: users can now resize the box and rearrange the columns as desired.
        • For Dropdown search users: the list will now display all records the user has access to, and will auto-populate as the user scrolls, even if no search criteria was initially entered.
      • Companies: when manually adding new companies to SMP, the Gen Class will auto-default to Other (Propsect), as this is the most common manual addition. The Gen Class will be editable by the user at time of creation, or after save, as needed.
      • Company ZIP field has been widened to show full-values of longer (Canadian-style) ZIP codes.
      • Meeting Activities: now feature a Status option.
        • When a new meeting is created, the default status will be Not Started
        • If the meeting is scheduled for a future date, the dropdown selections will be: Confirmed or Not Started
        • If the meeting is scheduled for ‘today’ or a date in the past, the dropdown selections will be: Attended, Completed, Confirmed, Deferred, In Progress, Not Started, Waiting on Someone Else
      • Opportunity Review: will now allow the deactivation of Opportunities en-masse via left mouse click+SHIFT (to select all records in a range) or left mouse click+CTRL (to select only the records clicked), and then using the right click menu to choose to deactivate the record(s) selected.  Any user with access to a group of Opportunities may use this method to manage the Opportunities as needed.  Records will still remain in SMP and be query-able.
      • Fixed: Customer Note edits are not maintained if a user exits SMP immediately after adding notes
      • Fixed: Cannot move more than one Contact in a user session
      • Fixed: Cannot use the Company select button after moving a contact
      • Fixed: Restored “Pinning” functionality in Quote Review and Open Order Review – allowing users to pin (or freeze) critical fields they designate to the far left side of the screen to ensure they’re always visible as they scroll. The pinning function exists on the field name header of each field available in the grid. When a field is pinned, it is automatically moved to the far left; if multiple fields are pinned, they appear on the far left in the order in which they were pinned.

Release 9.0.14

      • Fixed: Goals and Potentials Subject area is not respecting Customer filter when running Offline Goal Planning Reports.

Dashboards Update - July 2020

      • Added all Custom Fields for POS, Quotes and Orders to Dashboards – these can now be used in any Chart Object for any existing or newly created Sheet.
      • Added Quote Number to Invoiced Sales information – this allows for Quote numbers to be included alongside invoiced data – providing reporting links between the two data sets.
      • Added Internal Order Number to Invoiced Sales information – this allows for ERP order numbers to be included alongside invoiced data – providing reporting links between the two data sets.

Release 9.0.13


      • Fixed: Inactive records (companies and contacts) appear when searching in Customers subject area.  Inactive companies can be searched by ID number (if ID is included in the visible fields search grid), but will not be returned otherwise.
      • Fixed: When using the “Contacts” radio button search parameter, Contacts that do not match search results are returned when searching Customers subject area.

Customer Query Field – All Subject Areas

      • Fixed: When using the “dropdown” type search on Customers in any subject area, incorrect data is returned.
      • Fixed: When using the “select” type search on Customers in Project Review, incorrect data is returned when searching by partial name followed by a wildcard (e.g.: Ball%).

Release 9.0.12

For more information and a visual review of “What’s New” in SMP 9.0.12, please view our latest What’s New webcast!


      • Updated Customer Search parameters and processes.
        • For those using the dropdown method of customer search/selection: Users can now search by customer, contact or BOTH (which is the default), as well as a specific general class or ALL (customer general class remains the default).
        • Search searches across all viewable fields (name, ID, city) and a pause in typing will allow search results to update.
            • E.g.: type electric and all records with Electric in the name, city and/or ID will be returned.
        • For those using the selection box method of customer search/selection:  Users can search by customer, contact or BOTH (which is the default), as well as a specific general class or ALL (ALL general classes is the default). This allows the user a wide array of searching options via the Select Customer popup window.
            • Users can also now choose what fields they wish to search via a “field chooser” within the Select Customer popup – Click to open the Select Customer window; field chooser button will be in the left corner of the results grid.
            • Users can select Account Manger (ID and/or name), Branch (ID and/or name), Company Name, Ref Name, Contact Name, City, and/or State to include in the Select Customer grid.
            • All fields included in the grid will be searched when the user enters the search criteria.
            • Searching parameters have been modified as follows:
                • Search by keyword – such as School – will return any record with School in the record (e.g.: Hill County School Board, Davis School, School of Architecture (company), Marcia School (contact)).
                • Searching a quoted term will search for just that word (e.g.: search of “Ball” will return Ball Electric (company), David Ball (contact), any record in Ball City (city)).
                • Searching with wildcards is permitted and will search the term according to placement of the wildcard (e.g.: search of Ball% will return The Ballentine Corporation (company), Joe Ballentine (contact), and any record in Ballentine (city)).
                  • Position wildcards as needed: before a search term only: will return information that ends with the search term; after a search term only: will return information that begins with the search term; before and after a search term: will will return information that contains the search term.
        • For more information on the new Customer Search parameters and visual examples, please view our latest “What’s New” video, or see the SMP User Manual, Chapter 3 for a complete review of new functionality with screen shots.

Customer Query Parameters: All Subject Areas

      • Customer Query in all subject areas has been updated in accordance with the Customer Search changes noted above.
          • For those using the dropdown method of customer search/selection: The search/selection process will not change – search will be by Ref Name; City, Customer ID will also be displayed in the search grid to assist the user in selecting the correct record.
          • For those using the selection box method of customer search/selection:  The selection box process will mirror that as shown in the Customer screen.  Users can enter search criteria, select what fields to display (all displayed fields will be searched), and choose the appropriate record based upon the search.
              • Users can still type a partial search term directly in the Customer box without using the Selection button (e.g.: typing Ball% in the Customer box and choosing to run the query would return all data related to records whose name begins with Ball – Ball Electric, Ballard Design, etc.)

Customer Meetings

      • Added Status Option to allow users to indicate the status of scheduled Customer Meeting activities.
          • Status options will be dropdown-driven, and users can select from multiple status options; options presented will be dependent on if the meeting date is in the past or in the future.
              • Meetings in the past: dropdown options will be the same as Task type activities today (not started, in progress, completed, deferred, cancelled, etc.)
              • Meetings in the future: dropdown options will be limited to two options (not started or confirmed) as the meeting is not yet slated to take place.
                • On the day of the meeting, a full range of status options will be presented to the user (not started, in progress, completed, deferred, etc.) and the user can select the appropriate value for the meeting.
          • For existing Customer Meetings already logged in SMP before the introduction of the Status selection dropdown, the status will be automatically marked as follows:
              • Any Meeting, if the “Completed” checkbox was marked via the Activity Review grid: will be marked as completed.
              • Inactive Meetings: marked as cancelled
              • Active Meetings, dated in the past: marked as completed
              • Active Meetings, dated in the future: marked as not started (users should manage using the new Status dropdown within the activity, as necessary).


      • Fixed: Emailing Activities is not properly populating the “to” box of the email.
      • Fixed: Activities cannot be saved if user skips the completion of “SMP Options” popup at initial login.
      • Fixed: When using the Select Customer method to locate a Customer in Activities, the Customer ID is displaying, not the name.
      • Fixed: “New” Task flag right-click functionality (to mark a Task as new/not new) can be used by any user – causing confusion with the owner/assigned to responsible for the Activity.  Now, only the person assigned the Task can use the right-click options on the Task “new” flag.
      • Fixed: Customer Meeting Additional Salesperson field is not properly recognizing names when the field auto-fills after typing the first few characters.


      • Fixed: Email form leaving variable naming selections as ‘active’ (select-able) when HTML is the selected email type.

Release 9.0.11


      • Fixed: Cannot save Customer Lists.


      • Fixed: Users receiving “object not set to an instance of an object” unhandled exception error.
        • NOTE: when users log in and receive this error, they should choose “continue” on the error, and allow the background update of SMP to complete (status bar located at the bottom right corner of the SMP window).  Once the update is complete, users should log out/quit the application and log back in.
        • Upon re-login, the users will be using version 9.0.11, which resolves the issue.
        • If users DO NOT allow the update to complete before logging out/quitting the application, the error will persist until such time as they allow the update to complete.


      • Fixed: Request Invalid error when saving options in the SMP Options/Email Options window.

Release 9.0.10

Activities – All Types – Contact Selection

      • Added option to allow users to add a new contact from within the Activity add/edit form.
        • This option will allow users to scroll through the available list of existing contacts. If the contact is not found, an option for “New Contact….” will be shown at the bottom of the contact selection list.
        • When selected, a new contact add dialogue box will be presented; the user can then complete the dialogue box to add the new contact to SMP and it will automatically be associated to the activity record.


      • Designated Customer Name and Ref Name as required fields. Users will be required to complete the name fields when adding a new customer record, and will not be allowed to save changes on new or existing records if either of the fields are blank.  A red flashing exclamation indicator will remind users to populate the fields before saving is permitted.
        • In the case of existing customers, if the user is deactivating the record (active box in the upper right is unchecked), the name can be removed and changes can be saved; however, if at any time the record is re-activated, a name must be added before saving changes.


      • Fixed: Too Many Session Active in Parallel error.


      • Fixed: Images and text are not retained when a previously-sent email or draft email is copied.

Part Analysis

      • Fixed: Customer hyperlink is not working/is not click-able.


      • Fixed: GP/Item column is mis-calculating information as GP%.

Release 9.0.9


      • Improved email sending process to better align with hosted exchange/Office 365 requirements.

Market Analysis

      • Added ability to use the backspace or delete key to clear all selected values from the Account Manager dropdown.


      • Fixed: Phone Call Logs and Meetings, when emailed, do not include the time of the event.


      • Fixed: “Too Many Calls” error when attempting to ‘send now’.
      • Fixed: “Maximum Request Length Exceeded” erors when copying a previously-sent email and attempting to send it again.

Release 9.0.8



Help Menu

      • Added link to On-Demand Training Channel
        • Access by clicking Help – and selecting SMP Training from the drop down menu.
      • Added link to the SMP Release notes web page
        • Access by clicking Help, selecting About, then the Release Notes button located at the bottom right of the “About” window.


      • Fixed: Phone Call Logs – when emailed, Product Level 1 name is missing.
      • Fixed: Customer Meetings – when emailed, Product Level 1 name is displayed as a code.


      • Fixed: Customer Links redirecting incorrectly when user does not have full access to the Customer account.

Data Load

      • Fixed: Class Not Registered Error when attempting to load data via the Data Load tab.

Home Screen

      • Fixed: Unhandled Exception error when To Date Sales Performance KPIs load.


      • Fixed: Unhandled Exception error when saving a Newsletter after editing via the “HTML edit” mode is used to make modifications.


      • Fixed: When using Project Quick-Add, Unhandled Exception error  when clicking “add” twice consecutively, rather than warning user to complete the form.

Dashboards Update - November 2019

**For More information on the latest updates to SMP Dashboards, check out our “What’s New” webcast!**

      • New “loading” screen giving a user the indication that SMP Dashboards is working to return their data.
      • More intuitive Selections Bar and Chart Selector.
        • Lighter color palate
        • Chart Selector immediately indicates if a sheet can be edited (shows edit button next to Sheet Name) or if it must first be duplicated (shows duplicate button next to Sheet Name).
          • Previously, all sheets featured an “edit” button, and users would not know, until prompted, that they must first duplicate the sheet before it could be edited.
      • Improved Bar Chart functionality – labels available for stacked-style bar charts, improved tool tips, cut bars for stacked-style bars that go outside the defined range, and ability to build without a defined dimension.
      • Improved Pie Chart functionality – allows for overlay of additional measures to show magnitude by “slice”, and ability to color “slices” by measure.
      • Introduction of new Chart Types.  Note: for more information on all Chart Types available, when to use, plus tips, visit this link.  New Chart Types for SMP Dashboards include:
        • Box Plot Chart – organizes large amounts of data, and visualizes outlier values.
        • Container Chart – an object that lets you add multiple visualizations in a limited space. The container is useful when you want to be able to quickly switch between different visualizations where there is limited screen real estate.
        • Distribution Plot Chart – suitable for comparing range and distribution for groups of numerical data (customer sales YTD by assigned rep). As the name implies, it visualizes the distribution of the data across the measure, or X Axis.
      • Correction to Filter Pane Linked Visualization, whereby Territory levels were labeled backward.  This has been corrected in the master visualization was corrected and in all Base Sheets.
      • VSets for Fiscal Year Selected and Fiscal Year Selected Previous were inadvertently excluded.  These have been added and are usable as:
        • vSet_FiscalYearSelected
        • vSet_FiscalYearSelectedPrev1

Release 9.0.7

General – Customer Lists

Added functionality to allow for the import of Customer Lists anyplace the Customer List dialogue box is available – which includes Market Analysis, Part Analysis, Business Comparison, Data View, and Dashboards.

      • Any user can import a list of customers (Customer ID required) from a spreadsheet – XLS, XLSX, XLSM, or CSV – and then choose to “add to” (append), “save” (overwrite), or “save as” (create new) list from the list of customers on the targeted spreadsheet.
        • User can only add customers to whom they have access, and cannot overwrite read-only lists created/managed by others.
        • Please see this Training Video for more information on using the Customer List Import Process, and feel free to share this video with your users who will want to take advantage of this functionality.


      • Fixed: Editing icons are not displaying properly, depending on font scaling.
      • Fixed: Templates do not fully display properly, depending on font scaling.
      • Fixed: Ad Hoc Contact List upload is not allowing for field-matching when uploaded.

Market Analysis

      • Fixed: Users with Account Manager permissions cannot query on Goals or Projections, when using the Sales & Goals tab.
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