Release Notes — Sales Management Plus

Last Modified: November 21, 2020

Release 9.0.14

      • Fixed: Goals and Potentials Subject area is not respecting Customer filter when running Offline Goal Planning Reports.

Dashboards Update - July 2020

      • Added all Custom Fields for POS, Quotes and Orders to Dashboards – these can now be used in any Chart Object for any existing or newly created Sheet.
      • Added Quote Number to Invoiced Sales information – this allows for Quote numbers to be included alongside invoiced data – providing reporting links between the two data sets.
      • Added Internal Order Number to Invoiced Sales information – this allows for ERP order numbers to be included alongside invoiced data – providing reporting links between the two data sets.

Release 9.0.13


      • Fixed: Inactive records (companies and contacts) appear when searching in Customers subject area.  Inactive companies can be searched by ID number (if ID is included in the visible fields search grid), but will not be returned otherwise.
      • Fixed: When using the “Contacts” radio button search parameter, Contacts that do not match search results are returned when searching Customers subject area.

Customer Query Field – All Subject Areas

      • Fixed: When using the “dropdown” type search on Customers in any subject area, incorrect data is returned.
      • Fixed: When using the “select” type search on Customers in Project Review, incorrect data is returned when searching by partial name followed by a wildcard (e.g.: Ball%).

Release 9.0.12

For more information and a visual review of “What’s New” in SMP 9.0.12, please view our latest What’s New webcast!


      • Updated Customer Search parameters and processes.
        • For those using the dropdown method of customer search/selection: Users can now search by customer, contact or BOTH (which is the default), as well as a specific general class or ALL (customer general class remains the default).
        • Search searches across all viewable fields (name, ID, city) and a pause in typing will allow search results to update.
            • E.g.: type electric and all records with Electric in the name, city and/or ID will be returned.
        • For those using the selection box method of customer search/selection:  Users can search by customer, contact or BOTH (which is the default), as well as a specific general class or ALL (ALL general classes is the default). This allows the user a wide array of searching options via the Select Customer popup window.
            • Users can also now choose what fields they wish to search via a “field chooser” within the Select Customer popup – Click to open the Select Customer window; field chooser button will be in the left corner of the results grid.
            • Users can select Account Manger (ID and/or name), Branch (ID and/or name), Company Name, Ref Name, Contact Name, City, and/or State to include in the Select Customer grid.
            • All fields included in the grid will be searched when the user enters the search criteria.
            • Searching parameters have been modified as follows:
                • Search by keyword – such as School – will return any record with School in the record (e.g.: Hill County School Board, Davis School, School of Architecture (company), Marcia School (contact)).
                • Searching a quoted term will search for just that word (e.g.: search of “Ball” will return Ball Electric (company), David Ball (contact), any record in Ball City (city)).
                • Searching with wildcards is permitted and will search the term according to placement of the wildcard (e.g.: search of Ball% will return The Ballentine Corporation (company), Joe Ballentine (contact), and any record in Ballentine (city)).
                  • Position wildcards as needed: before a search term only: will return information that ends with the search term; after a search term only: will return information that begins with the search term; before and after a search term: will will return information that contains the search term.
        • For more information on the new Customer Search parameters and visual examples, please view our latest “What’s New” video, or see the SMP User Manual, Chapter 3 for a complete review of new functionality with screen shots.

Customer Query Parameters: All Subject Areas

      • Customer Query in all subject areas has been updated in accordance with the Customer Search changes noted above.
          • For those using the dropdown method of customer search/selection: The search/selection process will not change – search will be by Ref Name; City, Customer ID will also be displayed in the search grid to assist the user in selecting the correct record.
          • For those using the selection box method of customer search/selection:  The selection box process will mirror that as shown in the Customer screen.  Users can enter search criteria, select what fields to display (all displayed fields will be searched), and choose the appropriate record based upon the search.
              • Users can still type a partial search term directly in the Customer box without using the Selection button (e.g.: typing Ball% in the Customer box and choosing to run the query would return all data related to records whose name begins with Ball – Ball Electric, Ballard Design, etc.)

Customer Meetings

      • Added Status Option to allow users to indicate the status of scheduled Customer Meeting activities.
          • Status options will be dropdown-driven, and users can select from multiple status options; options presented will be dependent on if the meeting date is in the past or in the future.
              • Meetings in the past: dropdown options will be the same as Task type activities today (not started, in progress, completed, deferred, cancelled, etc.)
              • Meetings in the future: dropdown options will be limited to two options (not started or confirmed) as the meeting is not yet slated to take place.
                • On the day of the meeting, a full range of status options will be presented to the user (not started, in progress, completed, deferred, etc.) and the user can select the appropriate value for the meeting.
          • For existing Customer Meetings already logged in SMP before the introduction of the Status selection dropdown, the status will be automatically marked as follows:
              • Any Meeting, if the “Completed” checkbox was marked via the Activity Review grid: will be marked as completed.
              • Inactive Meetings: marked as cancelled
              • Active Meetings, dated in the past: marked as completed
              • Active Meetings, dated in the future: marked as not started (users should manage using the new Status dropdown within the activity, as necessary).


      • Fixed: Emailing Activities is not properly populating the “to” box of the email.
      • Fixed: Activities cannot be saved if user skips the completion of “SMP Options” popup at initial login.
      • Fixed: When using the Select Customer method to locate a Customer in Activities, the Customer ID is displaying, not the name.
      • Fixed: “New” Task flag right-click functionality (to mark a Task as new/not new) can be used by any user – causing confusion with the owner/assigned to responsible for the Activity.  Now, only the person assigned the Task can use the right-click options on the Task “new” flag.
      • Fixed: Customer Meeting Additional Salesperson field is not properly recognizing names when the field auto-fills after typing the first few characters.


      • Fixed: Email form leaving variable naming selections as ‘active’ (select-able) when HTML is the selected email type.

Release 9.0.11


      • Fixed: Cannot save Customer Lists.


      • Fixed: Users receiving “object not set to an instance of an object” unhandled exception error.
        • NOTE: when users log in and receive this error, they should choose “continue” on the error, and allow the background update of SMP to complete (status bar located at the bottom right corner of the SMP window).  Once the update is complete, users should log out/quit the application and log back in.
        • Upon re-login, the users will be using version 9.0.11, which resolves the issue.
        • If users DO NOT allow the update to complete before logging out/quitting the application, the error will persist until such time as they allow the update to complete.


      • Fixed: Request Invalid error when saving options in the SMP Options/Email Options window.

Release 9.0.10

Activities – All Types – Contact Selection

      • Added option to allow users to add a new contact from within the Activity add/edit form.
        • This option will allow users to scroll through the available list of existing contacts. If the contact is not found, an option for “New Contact….” will be shown at the bottom of the contact selection list.
        • When selected, a new contact add dialogue box will be presented; the user can then complete the dialogue box to add the new contact to SMP and it will automatically be associated to the activity record.


      • Designated Customer Name and Ref Name as required fields. Users will be required to complete the name fields when adding a new customer record, and will not be allowed to save changes on new or existing records if either of the fields are blank.  A red flashing exclamation indicator will remind users to populate the fields before saving is permitted.
        • In the case of existing customers, if the user is deactivating the record (active box in the upper right is unchecked), the name can be removed and changes can be saved; however, if at any time the record is re-activated, a name must be added before saving changes.


      • Fixed: Too Many Session Active in Parallel error.


      • Fixed: Images and text are not retained when a previously-sent email or draft email is copied.

Part Analysis

      • Fixed: Customer hyperlink is not working/is not click-able.


      • Fixed: GP/Item column is mis-calculating information as GP%.

Release 9.0.9


      • Improved email sending process to better align with hosted exchange/Office 365 requirements.

Market Analysis

      • Added ability to use the backspace or delete key to clear all selected values from the Account Manager dropdown.


      • Fixed: Phone Call Logs and Meetings, when emailed, do not include the time of the event.


      • Fixed: “Too Many Calls” error when attempting to ‘send now’.
      • Fixed: “Maximum Request Length Exceeded” erors when copying a previously-sent email and attempting to send it again.

Release 9.0.8



Help Menu

      • Added link to On-Demand Training Channel
        • Access by clicking Help – and selecting SMP Training from the drop down menu.
      • Added link to the SMP Release notes web page
        • Access by clicking Help, selecting About, then the Release Notes button located at the bottom right of the “About” window.


      • Fixed: Phone Call Logs – when emailed, Product Level 1 name is missing.
      • Fixed: Customer Meetings – when emailed, Product Level 1 name is displayed as a code.


      • Fixed: Customer Links redirecting incorrectly when user does not have full access to the Customer account.

Data Load

      • Fixed: Class Not Registered Error when attempting to load data via the Data Load tab.

Home Screen

      • Fixed: Unhandled Exception error when To Date Sales Performance KPIs load.


      • Fixed: Unhandled Exception error when saving a Newsletter after editing via the “HTML edit” mode is used to make modifications.


      • Fixed: When using Project Quick-Add, Unhandled Exception error  when clicking “add” twice consecutively, rather than warning user to complete the form.

Dashboards Update - November 2019

**For More information on the latest updates to SMP Dashboards, check out our “What’s New” webcast!**

      • New “loading” screen giving a user the indication that SMP Dashboards is working to return their data.
      • More intuitive Selections Bar and Chart Selector.
        • Lighter color palate
        • Chart Selector immediately indicates if a sheet can be edited (shows edit button next to Sheet Name) or if it must first be duplicated (shows duplicate button next to Sheet Name).
          • Previously, all sheets featured an “edit” button, and users would not know, until prompted, that they must first duplicate the sheet before it could be edited.
      • Improved Bar Chart functionality – labels available for stacked-style bar charts, improved tool tips, cut bars for stacked-style bars that go outside the defined range, and ability to build without a defined dimension.
      • Improved Pie Chart functionality – allows for overlay of additional measures to show magnitude by “slice”, and ability to color “slices” by measure.
      • Introduction of new Chart Types.  Note: for more information on all Chart Types available, when to use, plus tips, visit this link.  New Chart Types for SMP Dashboards include:
        • Box Plot Chart – organizes large amounts of data, and visualizes outlier values.
        • Container Chart – an object that lets you add multiple visualizations in a limited space. The container is useful when you want to be able to quickly switch between different visualizations where there is limited screen real estate.
        • Distribution Plot Chart – suitable for comparing range and distribution for groups of numerical data (customer sales YTD by assigned rep). As the name implies, it visualizes the distribution of the data across the measure, or X Axis.
      • Correction to Filter Pane Linked Visualization, whereby Territory levels were labeled backward.  This has been corrected in the master visualization was corrected and in all Base Sheets.
      • VSets for Fiscal Year Selected and Fiscal Year Selected Previous were inadvertently excluded.  These have been added and are usable as:
        • vSet_FiscalYearSelected
        • vSet_FiscalYearSelectedPrev1

Release 9.0.7

General – Customer Lists

Added functionality to allow for the import of Customer Lists anyplace the Customer List dialogue box is available – which includes Market Analysis, Part Analysis, Business Comparison, Data View, and Dashboards.

      • Any user can import a list of customers (Customer ID required) from a spreadsheet – XLS, XLSX, XLSM, or CSV – and then choose to “add to” (append), “save” (overwrite), or “save as” (create new) list from the list of customers on the targeted spreadsheet.
        • User can only add customers to whom they have access, and cannot overwrite read-only lists created/managed by others.
        • Please see this Training Video for more information on using the Customer List Import Process, and feel free to share this video with your users who will want to take advantage of this functionality.


      • Fixed: Editing icons are not displaying properly, depending on font scaling.
      • Fixed: Templates do not fully display properly, depending on font scaling.
      • Fixed: Ad Hoc Contact List upload is not allowing for field-matching when uploaded.

Market Analysis

      • Fixed: Users with Account Manager permissions cannot query on Goals or Projections, when using the Sales & Goals tab.
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