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Announcing the SMP On-Demand Training Channel

The SMP Team is pleased to announce the SMP On-Demand Training Channel!

The SMP On-Demand Training Channel is a new format and platform for ongoing training for the SMP User Community. It will be your new one-stop-shop for all training on SMP, with all SMP Trainings in one central location. While users will still need to register to view the trainings, they can then watch directly from their browser wherever they are, at a time and place that’s convenient for them – home or work, via desktop, laptop or tablet.

Within the SMP On-Demand Training Channel, users will see that videos are grouped by subject matter, and then alphabetized for easy access.

  • Featured Trainings highlight new SMP functionality, or key subject areas that may be of critical importance during certain times of the year, such as planning season.
  • Basic Trainings provide users with a detailed overview of the subject area, basic how-to functionality, and examples for how you can use the given area of SMP in your day-to-day use of the application. These trainings are targeted to new hires/new users of SMP who have had little or no exposure to the application, or those within your organization who need a refresher course on SMP.
  • Special Trainings focus on SMP add-on modules. As with Basic Trainings, these provide a detailed overview, how-to functionality and example use-cases, but do assume the viewer has a basic understanding of overall SMP functionality.

A link to the SMP On-Demand Training Channel will remain posted on our SMP Web Administration site, ensuring that those who are used to seeking out training via this venue are able to easily find the new channel. Additionally, you are welcome to link to our Training Channel internally for ease/convenience for your team. The SMP Team can also place a hotlink to the Training Channel right inside your SMP database if you wish (under the SMP Tools Menu). If you’d like to take advantage of this, please email your SMP Account Manager.

Please visit the channel often, as we plan to add new videos to the Training Channel over the next few months.

If you or your team has questions about the new SMP On-Demand Training Channel, please reach out to us.

Warm regards,
The SMP Team

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