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Why Distribution Industry Relationships Matter

Why Industry Relationships Matter

Distribution Industry RelationshipsOne of the most common reasons distributors choose SMP to manage their sales and marketing processes is our focus in wholesale distribution. The most obvious and visible signs of our industry focus come in the form of:

  • Industry-specific best practices in markets like electrical, plumbing and HVAC, janitorial and sanitation, industrial, hardware and other durable goods distribution
  • Tight integrations to the leading back-office ERP providers like Infor, Epicor, Mincron, Array and others
  • Participation in user groups and conferences like Eclipse UFO, Epicor Insights, Infor TUG, Mincron INsight and others
  • Work with buyers groups like IMARK, AD, BlueHawk Cooperative and others

We think the most important part of our distribution focus is something else: our close industry relationships.

By working closely with our customers and their technology partners, we can focus on listening to you during the events we attend to learn more about your top priorities. We can bring sales and marketing best practices across all of our customers and all of the markets we serve to incorporate the leading ideas into our applications, which in turn helps you better serve the customers in the markets you serve.

The reason we assign such a high level of importance to those distribution industry relationships is that we built our CRM system from the ground up to serve your industry. Unlike other systems that force you to change your processes and procedures to fit to their framework, we built a system with best practices built-in from day one. We understand how a distributor runs their business, from the initial prospecting cycles all the way to customer service and satisfaction.

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