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SMP set out from day one to provide the best sales and marketing management solutions to distributors. That focus–plus ten years of proven success–has resulted in what we think is a unique point of view in the wholesale durable goods market.

Our new website reflects the growth of that vision. We wanted to provide one place where distributors could learn best practices in CRM, sales management, marketing programs and more. We want to continue to foster a personal relationship between your team and ours, and we need your participation. That’s why we’re including this blog, video resources, best practice reports, case studies and more for you to read, watch and most importantly, comment.

Although this blog is moderated to thwart busy spammers, we don’t mind opposing viewpoints. In fact, we want to keep this site diverse and active and we welcome your comments and conversation. In fact, if you are interested in sharing your own posts, practices, tips and photos, don’t hesitate to let us know. Please note, this blog is not the forum to address customer support requests. Please contact our support team for any issues.

We didn’t set out to build a standard CRM system–we set out to build a system¬†that would match distribution best practices from your first day of installation. We want this site to live up to that vision as well by directing a conversation about the best practices that deliver real top-line growth to our distributor clients. We look forward to your feedback.

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