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Webinar: Turning Good Customers Into Great Customers

Webinar: Turning Good Customers Into Great Customers

SMPGreatCustomers_Social Post SquareSome customers are better than others.

But do you know who is who in your own customer base and do you have a standard methodology for categorizing your customers?

Most distributors use some simple methods based on sales volumes or days to pay to determine their best customers but these measures are not sufficient for really understanding and changing your customer’s behavior.

What makes a customer great and how do we improve our relationships with our less-than-great customers to turn them into great customers?

In this SMP Best Practices webinar, we’ll explore these critical questions as well as provide action plans for improving customer purchasing behavior in several different categories.

Some of the topics we’ll discuss include:

  • Why sales volume and order profitability don’t tell the whole customer story
  • The best ways to measure and identify your greatest customers
  • How order quality and order frequency define great customer relationships
  • Creating marketing plans for each of seven different customer categories
  • Creating a company culture that recognizes and retains your best customers

Join us on November 19, 2015 at 2PM ET and 11 AM PT and we’ll help you improve the quality and frequency of the orders from your customer base and give you practical advice for identifying, cultivating and retaining your greatest customers.

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