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[Webcast Recording] What Every CEO Expects from Sales and Marketing

[Webcast Recording] What Every CEO Expects from Sales and Marketing

SMPCEOsExpect_Social Post SquareIf you missed our best practices webcast from last week — possibly our most popular ever with over 200 registrants — be sure to view the recording.

Every distribution CEO needs a real partner in the C-suite who can provide a system of steady and dependable revenue growth. In the recorded webcast, we discuss important topics such as:

  • Providing a systematic and repeatable revenue plan that removes the risk of dependence on large deals, acquisitions and new markets
  • Aligning sales, marketing and the executive team with access to the right tools and data
  • The right KPIs for corporate sales and marketing performance
  • Speaking the distribution executive’s language: margin, profit, value add, enterprise value
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Don’t Miss the Green Paper

We also had over 100 people download our related Green Paper. Be sure to download this informative report as a companion piece to the webcast:

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