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Video: Why CRM Must Integrate to Your ERP System

Video: Why CRM Must Integrate to Your ERP System


As an organization, when you are exploring CRM and business intelligence there are a number of choices typically available for durable goods distributors.  However, when you really look at what those choices are, how many:

  • Have a team with a proven track record in wholesale distribution
  • Maintain robust, pre-built integration modules to your ERP system
  • Have developed relationships to become an approved ERP third-party provider or companion product to distribution ERP vendors

When you consider what is really important in running a distribution business, the vast list of choices just narrowed.

SMP has a proven track record and a great history of working with companies in wholesale distribution. As an approved companion product for the leading wholesale distribution ERP systems, we get to define functionality that integrates directly with your existing software.

Furthermore, the value of SMP extends to mobile devices as well. SMP offers real time hooks to your ERP so that important information is available at your sales people’s fingertips on smart phones and tablets. SMP also extends beyond that to Microsoft Office products like Outlook and Excel.

Please watch this brief video on the importance of having a CRM system that is tightly integrated to your ERP system.

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