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Video: The Three Most Important Elements of Your Revenue Plan

Video: The Three Most Important Elements of Your Revenue Plan

When it comes to building revenue, there are really only three things a distribution company should focus on:

  1. Growing your database of customers
  2. Staying top of mind with customers to increase their purchasing
  3. Improving follow up and execution to close more sales

The difference between high-growth distributors and the rest of the pack is in how quickly and efficiently you can perform those three tasks compared to your competition.

That’s the SMP difference.

1. Growing Your Database

Customers are the lifeblood of your company. The more customers you can pinpoint, the more revenue you can close.

But people change jobs and leave  companies and sales reps keep their contacts to themselves. Fewer contacts to sell to means less revenue.

SMP gives you one place to manage and grow your customer data. Your team can easily access and update customers, contacts, prospects, activities, tasks, notes, emails, and more.

You can easily keep your contacts up to date, leverage marketing lists, manage online leads and gain control over your most valuable intellectual property.

2. Staying Top of Mind

Next, you’ll stay top of  mind with your customers with data-driven sales and marketing follow up, perfectly targeted campaigns and programatic sales follow-up and upselling.

SMP makes it easy to explore and segment your data to identify and nurture your most important and profitable customers, provide consistent customer communication and make it easy for your employees to connect with buyers.

3. Improving Sales Execution

SMP gives you industry-leading sales execution. You’ll pinpoint the right action to take at the right time with sales data, dashboards, forecasts and activity management.

SMP can even automatically create follow-up activities for your most important bids and quotes, improving close rates by 20% or more.

With SMP’s CRM, business intelligence, mobile sales enablement and proactive marketing tools all designed specifically for wholesale distributors, your team can easily focus on the three most important processes to drive new revenue.

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