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Video: The Role of IT in Process Improvement

Video: The Role of IT in Process Improvement

Over the years we’ve had a great opportunity to work with many of the leading wholesale distribution companies in North America. One consistent theme that has come across in that experience is how much these distribution organizations rely on their IT departments to be champions for process improvement in many areas.

Most recently, the thought leaders in distribution have pointed to sales efficiency as an extremely important area for both growth and profitability. IT departments have been tasked with either developing or providing tools for their channels, field sales representatives, marketing teams and for business intelligence and reporting at the executive level. Traditionally, these tools have included CRM and business intelligence, something that SMP calls the New Distribution Platform.

Unfortunately, many IT managers feel buried with their current projects and do not feel like they have the time to take on these new initiatives. IT managers often feel quite comfortable in their role assisting operational processes but are unfamiliar with what it takes to be a catalyst of change for sales efficiency. That’s where SMP can really help.

In addition to providing the full set of sales management, CRM and business intelligence tools for wholesale distributors, SMP is hosted so your IT department doesn’t pick up a lot more on their plates. With SMP, your IT department doesn’t have to bring up a new server, maintain those servers, conduct back-ups, manage the application and more. Our tight integrations to the leading distribution software packages combined with our powerful data visualization allows you to leverage information from your ERP and CRM across your entire organization with an easy and fast roll out.

Please watch SMP President Joe Raventos discuss the role of IT in process improvement in this video.

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