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Video: Task Management

Video: Task Management

What are you doing to manage your employees’ daily tasks and sales calls today? Unfortunately, many distributors spend an unnecessary amount of time tracking activities through spreadsheets and digging through multiple emails to stay up to date on their employees’ action items.

SMP users can assign tasks directly to their employees right in the system. These might range from sales calls, to customer follow-ups, to managing delivery issues or even simple day-to-day activities that you want to make sure are accomplished to keep your customers happy. You can manage the phone calls that your reps make to customers and prospects and understand the key points of their discussions.

Our activity management tool allows you access through your desktop, your mobile device or even right through Microsoft Outlook. This easy access to task data makes it very easy for your employees to get up to speed when they are assigned or reassigned a prospect or customer.

Please join Mary Ann Carroll as she discusses task management in this brief video.

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