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Video: Selling in the New Now

Video: Selling in the New Now

Many of the businesses you work with are taking necessary precautions to limit their face-to-face meetings for some time to come. Yet your customers still have needs, issues and problems to solve. And right now, solid relationships with customers and employees matter more than ever.
Here are five ways SMP helps sales teams create new opportunities, drive deals and stay productive when working remotely.

1. Call Preparation

Proper call preparation makes the time you spend with your customers as valuable as possible and helps you drive current opportunities forward.
Your CRM system makes it easy to be prepared with things like:
*   Sales history
*   Open orders
*   Open quotes
*   Contact information
*   Activities, notes and opportunity tracking

2. Customer Presentations

You can easily differentiate yourself more than ever from your competitors by sharing data, history, sales and more from your CRM.
Organizations that can share that with their customers demonstrate more value, more attentiveness, better collaboration.
And after the call it is easy to log outcomes — who did you talk to, what was discussed and assignment of action items.

3. Involve Your Vendors

Your vendors don’t have access to the data they need to make their calls valuable, but thanks to SMP you do.
Just as data impresses your customers, your vendors will appreciate how your technology and insight differentiates you from their other partners.

4. Take This Time to Improve

Now that you’re not traveling as much to customer locations, you have some bandwidth to take on important projects you might have put off.
It is a great time to update your contact information in your database and review your sales results inside SMP to identify areas for improvement, training and coaching.

5. Keep Up with Your Sales Meetings

People respect what you inspect. SMP makes it easy to stay on top of your sales meetings and important issues while your team works remotely.
Use SMP to improve your sales meetings by:
  • Reviewing sales trends
  • Reviewing large quotes and bids and create follow-up plans
  • Reviewing activités and discuss expectations with your team
  • Using SMP Dashboards to facilitate your team discussions around sales rep performance.
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