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Video: Proactive Marketing

Video: Proactive Marketing

Many of the distributors we talk to share how their organization struggles to function in silos. This is particularly true of their sales and marketing teams. Each team has a separate set of goals, data and processes. The sales manager runs the sales team based on their processes while marketing is working from their own.

With SMP, it is easy to break down the wall between sales and marketing because each team is connected with the same information and has visibility into each team’s processes. Sales and marketing can work together in the same customer and sales repository. This makes it much easier to go from idea to execution. You can work together to identify new targeted profiles, quickly produce a list and get personalized campaigns out to that list all within SMP.

Ongoing marketing execution like newsletters, events, promotions and more are also easier to optimize within SMP. Your marketing team doesn’t have to outsource list management and execution to an outsourced third-party. You sales team can easily see the results of campaigns, which customers were touched, what information was received and can then close the loop with customers during their next sales call.

Please join Mary Ann Carroll as she discusses how to become a proactive distribution marketing in this brief video.

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