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Video: Improving the Visibility and Predictability of Your Sales Forecast

Video: Improving the Visibility and Predictability of Your Sales Forecast

We always ask our new customers how they are tracking and managing their sales goals. We usually get one of two answers from wholesale distribution sales managers. The first is that they are not really tracking their goals at all. The second is that they set them up in a spreadsheet at the beginning of the year but then don’t really access or update that spreadsheet until late in the year, maybe around the fourth quarter.

SMP allows distribution sales managers to put goals into the same system they are using to manage their activities, key customer and prospect information, forecasts, and then make those goals, progress and information visible to anyone in their organization. Sales reps can see where to spend time to make the most impact on their goals, track their pipeline, remember what activities and calls they have scheduled and more. By working from the same centralized repository of information, you and your reps never have to refer to an aging spreadsheet again. No more scrambling to find information to update your team and track progress.

Different people in your organization approach data in different ways. It can seem like they speak different languages. A common example is the different approaches taken by sales managers and financial executives. Sales managers are often looking for specific tactical execution information, but CFOs wants access to pipeline information to better understand operating cash flow and profitability. By setting up your goals and sales budget within SMP at the beginning of the year, both sales managers and CFOs know they have the tools they need to understand progress, provide visibility and predictability in forecasting and coach their teams to success.

Please join Mary Ann Carroll as she discusses how SMP helps you improve the visibility and predictability of your sales forecsast in this brief video.

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