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Video: Facilitating AD Field Marketing Summits (FMS)

Video: Facilitating AD Field Marketing Summits (FMS)

AD affiliates love the FMS process but find that the tracking, reporting and day-to-day management can be very time consuming.

SMP helps AD affiliates facilitate their FMS process for better success and efficiency.

Sales Management Plus is a leading distribution CRM and business intelligence application with specific benefits for and support of AD members that allow you to plan, track and report FMS, JMA And SSP Activities with SMP’s AD workflow.

SMP makes it much easier to prepare for your FMS meetings so that you can focus on planning and actionable outcomes.

We do this by helping you leverage your own data through CRM and easy-to-use business intelligence tools.

This allows you to guide your supplier partners toward new opportunities for product launches, SSP activities, sales and customer training, targeted customer lists, planning for new sales and marketing promotions.

AD members enjoy many benefits from using SMP to facilitate their FMS process.

  • Easily identify target account opportunities to discuss with suppliers with insights from your own sales data.
  • Sharing ongoing insights about your programs and progress with interactive data visualizations.
  • Easily track, assign activities, manage and report on the execution of your FMS and JMA plans.
  • Driving success with Sales Stimulator Programs (SSPs) with fast access to data for email and call campaigns that can be implemented in minutes, not hours.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here is some feedback from other AD members.

“SMP has proven invaluable to the success of our Field Marketing Summit.  By tasking our sales force with identifying customer targets to discuss with manufacturers at our FMS event, we are able to log these targets into SMP and easily monitor and evaluate throughout the year.  SMP’s dashboards provide an accountability, accuracy, and efficiency that was not easily attained in prior years and we couldn’t imagine conducting a successful FMS without it.”

—  Tim Fleming, Vice President of Purchasing & Marketing of ESE

“Throughout the year, our account managers update progress on their strategic action plans in the SMP activity until the goal is achieved. SMP activities provide focus for our account managers as well as visibility for both the Standard Electric sales management team and the AD manufacturer partners.“

— Dan Knapp, Director of Sales at Standard Electric Supply Co

Of course, what works well for your AD Market Planning works well for your entire business.

SMP is designed specifically for wholesale distributors, integrates with your ERP system, includes native mobile applications, business intelligence and built-in marketing tools to help you grow your business.

AD members also enjoy a 10% discount on their first year and are eligible for enterprise licensing.

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