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Video: CRM on Smartphones and Tablets

Video: CRM on Smartphones and Tablets

Today, most of us organize our work with the helps of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. We’ve taken the power of the information access inside of the desktop version of SMP and connected that information to mobile devices. This gives your sales people critical sales and customer information they can take anywhere.

The data on our mobile applications is streamlined so that your sales people see the most important data, like top opportunities for close and manager-assigned tasks and activities. They can use their mobile devices to work with customers in the field and take notes. Everything they do on their device syncs back to the desktop version of SMP. That means you have real-time access to data and know exactly where they are, what they’re working on and you have the ability to report on the data at any time.

Please join Mary Ann Carroll as she discusses CRM on smartphones and tablets in this brief video.

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