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Video: CRM Designed for Distribution

Video: CRM Designed for Distribution

Your business is unique, but most CRM solutions don’t understand distribution.

Even worse, some software companies try to make a CRM that was designed for manufacturing or construction and force it to fit a distribution company.

Many distributors have given up on CRM because of the endless customizations and frustrations from these “one-size-fits-all” solutions.

Thankfully, distributors have SMP – a distribution CRM solution designed specifically for the way distribution sales teams work.

SMP is a leading CRM and business intelligence application designed specifically for wholesale distributors.

SMP works the way you work:

  • A centralized contact database – for customers, prospect, vendors and more — keeps your entire team on the same page with important activities, tasks, notes, contact info, sales data, transactional history and more.
  • Manage, assign and report on tasks, calls, appointments, sales notes, history and to-dos inside of SMP and quickly report out distribution sales plans.
  • Manage sales in a way that makes sense for distributors, tracking opportunities, open orders, bids, quotes, product lines and more.
  • And SMP quickly reports sales opportunities, pipeline, forecasted revenue and more so you can know instantly where your sales forecast stands.

And SMP understands that a lot of your work as distribution sales teams happens outside of your office. With mobile sales tools, your team can take their CRM data with them wherever their new opportunities lead.

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