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Video: Becoming a Customer-intimate Distributor

Video: Becoming a Customer-intimate Distributor

At SMP, we believe that CRM offers much more than just a way to update your contacts. The real reason you use CRM is learn more about who your customers really are. Your reps need to be able to identify who the key players and decision makers are in each account, understand their buying history, track outstanding activities and more. By tracking activities and behaviors, you will be able to determine what key activities help you close more sales, keep track of triggers and pain points and evaluate reasons why you are winning and losing new opportunities.

SMP becomes your go-to repository of information for your customers, which helps you get new sales reps up to speed when you transfer new accounts to them. Your reps can quickly and easily identify and promote cross-selling opportunities which immediately improves your bottom line. You can even create customer report cards that show what your customers are buying from you or not so that you can share your entire product line and gain more share of wallet.

Please join Mary Ann Carroll as she discusses how to become a customer-intimate distributor in this brief video.


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