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Using CRM to Maximize Workplace Efficiency and Productivity

Using CRM to Maximize Workplace Efficiency and Productivity

The key to running an organized and professional distributorship is CRM. Many distributors still run their customer-facing organizations from disconnected lists and spreadsheets and ERP systems are not designed for sales enablement. SMP gives you the tools to improve workplace efficiency and maximize productivity.

One Centralized Contact Database

SMP provides you with a single, centralized database of customers, contacts, prospects, opportunities, interactions, notes, sales histories – all available to every department in your organization. No more searching through your ERP system or asking others for client information, SMP puts it all right at your fingertips when you need it.

The data you collect from your customers, prospects and vendors is the most important and valuable intellectual property in your business. You can’t leave that information sitting in individual spreadsheets that can walk off with a rep if they leave your company. SMP gives you the ability to manage all this information in one centralized database so your entire team can benefit from it and keep each other updated with new information, activities, notes, tasks, emails and more.

Eliminate Silos

SMP also eliminates boundaries and silos across your teams. Access to all your important data allows your team to deliver outstanding customer service and share customer feedback. Integration to your ERP data combined with SMP’s industry-leading CRM, analytics, sales enablement, and proactive marketing bring your teams together. 

Here are just some of the ways SMP users benefit from increased collaboration across their organization.

Align inside and outside sales. SMP makes it easy to respond to customers in a unified and professional manner. Everyone in your organization can record every interaction with every customer so when a rep returns to a customer after a long period of time, they instantly remember important notes and history. Inside and outside reps can work together easily and stay accountable to each other on large deals.

Improve customer response time and quality. With SMP, everyone has access to the same customer information so when a customer calls in for a question or a quote, you can respond immediately. Your team will be more knowledgeable and helpful than they ever were in their customer interactions.

Share common plans and goals. Planning inside your CRM allows you to work toward common goals and share best practices. Buy implementing sales plans and measuring on a regular basis, your entire team keep rowing the oars in the same direction. SMP’s dashboards and visualizations provide your team with complete visibility into progress against their goals. This encourages coaching, questions and collaboration that lead to greater success.

Communicate more frequently. Dashboards and marketing tools make it easy for your entire team to communicate to each other and to customers. Support teams can add notes for sales, marketing can quickly pull lists based on product information and sales can facilitate follow up on important issue.

Eliminate and Reduce Manual Tasks

Manual tasks are minimized so team members can spend more time in productive creative and critical thinking activities. SMP was built by distributors for distributors, so many manual and repetitive tasks are made simple:

  • Profile and upload new lists in seconds with just a few clicks of the mouse. SMP can give many hours back to your sales and marketing teams every time they need a new list.
  • Add automation around bid and quote follow up. SMP’s Bid and Quote Closer automatically creates a dynamic, track-able opportunity when a bid or quote is created above a threshold you define. This saves your rep time in creating and managing important opportunities as well as making it easier to follow up on those bids and quotes.
  • Using SMP’s reporting and business intelligence to prepare for meetings and provide updates could save several hours per month compared to providing the information by other traditional means like spreadsheets.
  • Leverage SMP customer data and spend more time executing on sales initiatives.
  • Generate more face-to-face meetings with targeted email marketing rather than calls.
  • Use SMP Mobile’s voice recognition to dictate your meeting notes directly into your SMP activities.
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