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Tips and Tricks: Creating Tasks for Multiple Customers

Tips and Tricks: Creating Tasks for Multiple Customers

SMP-Multiple-TasksHave you ever needed to create or assign the same task for multiple customers and wish you didn’t have to create them one at a time? For example, you have a list of customers that just attended an event at your facility and you want to quickly create a task for each customer that attended the event and assign thattask to the assigned Account Manager so they remember to follow up with that customer next week.

Well, you can very easily use a Customer List to create a singletask for each customer on the list at the very same time. This new feature can be found in the ‘Activity Review’ subject area, under the ‘Add Activity” tab. Here you will find a drop-down option that allows you to select a pre-saved customer list before you create atask.


Once you have selected a Customer List from the drop-down, you will be presented with a warning message indicating how many tasks will be added as a result of using task assign via Customer List. Users must confirm by selecting ‘yes’ before task add will allow you to proceed. Users can also choose to cancel out by selecting ‘no’ to the warning message.


Admins should be aware this functionality is available to all users by default but can be disabled for your individual database.

If you have any questions or need additional help with this feature, please reach out to your company’s SMP Admin, or contact The SMP Team at

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