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The Top Five Benefits of Distribution Sales Data

The Top Five Benefits of Distribution Sales Data

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of data you have? Look inside any distribution ERP system and you’ll find thousands of customers, product SKUs, sales transactions and more. What do you do with all that data and where do you even start to gain insights?

Leading distributors are taking advantage of all that data to discern important trends in their customer base, delve deeper into customer behavior and test new marketing messages.

This may seem challenging if you haven’t taken a data-driven approach to sales and marketing before. How do you even begin to sort through all that data and provide your sales and marketing teams access so they can make faster decisions that lead to greater sales?

Fortunately, SMP offers user-friendly tools that empower your sales and marketing teams to create self-serve analytics. They don’t need to rely on an overworked IT team for new reports when they want to explore new trends. They can create their own dashboards and uncover new insights.

SMP’s potent data tools can be used in numerous ways for your sales and marketing teams’ tactical advantage. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Fast and relevant responses to customer requests: Do your customers require custom solutions and unique product combinations based on their projects? SMP’s data visualizations allow you to promptly analyze customers with similar requests or purchases, demonstrating the value you offer. You can overlay related products for a visual narrative that secures deals.
  2. Creating and profiling distinctive lists: Creating marketing lists is time consuming with many systems, but SMP makes it easy. Imagine that you have a sales rep planning to drive to a remote location in their territory. You could just run a list of customers in that area and hand it over to them. However, with SMP you can go far beyond that. With just a few clicks your sales rep can generate a similar list, but this time also connect it to sales data, create and manage account plans, create new activities and use advanced mobile tools while they are out of the office.
  3. Sales and marketing teams can focus on profitable growth areas: Stop making guesses about where to invest your sales and marketing efforts. With SMP, you can monitor purchasing trends, competition, track activities and responses and redirect resources to the most lucrative areas.
  4. Creating competitive replacement campaigns: With SMP, you can track the competitors who are involved with different accounts and types of sales. That makes it very easy to target customers who are sourcing products from various vendors. When a competitor makes a critical error, you can swoop in with a highly targeted offer.
  5. Quicker time to market: Do you create highly targeted product launch campaigns? You should. In our recent survey about trends in targeted marketing in the distribution industry distributors were 4.5 times more likely to see increased order profitability and 2.5 times more likely to experience higher order sizes when segmenting based on buying behavior. With SMP, you can quickly create targeted offers that allow you to establish a presence with new products and in new markets before your competitors can act. That also makes you a more valuable partner to your suppliers which earns you the right to more comarketing and new product introductions.

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