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The Quick Wins Hiding in your CRM System

The Quick Wins Hiding in Your CRM System

If you ask 100 distributors what their most important aspect of their business is, you might get 100 different answers. Some will say their vendor relationships. Others will cite their ability to train and support their customers. Others will brag about shipping accuracy and delivery times. But one thing all distributors will agree upon is that the most important aspect of their business is their customer relationship. SMP provides leading customer relationship management (CRM) software along with focused business intelligence, both specifically designed for distributors.

In case you haven’t thought about the importance of a distribution-specific CRM system in a while, we wanted to share some quick wins that might be hiding inside of your SMP software.

Find New Leads and Close More Business

There’s more to generating customer and prospect awareness than ads, flyers, colds call and other traditional methods. Your CRM system helps you track and manage all of your customers, prospects, leads and quotes so that you can take the right action at the right time when they are ready to buy. The last thing you want is to let a prospect or quote grow cold. Fortunately, SMP can help you set tasks and reminders for follow up and let you set up calls and email reminders. You can also manage email campaigns right from SMP to find your next set of leads.

Utilize Customer Information

Distributors are often surprised at how many ways they can use SMP for the management of customer information. Whether you are tracking the interactions of your sales team, new leads, responses to campaigns and more, SMP helps you connect all of the important aspects of your customer information. SMP’s integration to your ERP system allows you to have a fully rounded picture of each customer, including purchasing history and more. This gives your sales reps the ability to make carefully targeted pitches to each of your customers based on this rich set of data and history.

Prioritize Your Sales Efforts

SMP’s combination of CRM with actionable analytics helps you direct the efforts of your sales reps to the most profitable use of their time. Viewing pipeline opportunities, sales activities, new leads, close rates and open bids helps you focus on the areas that can generate new sales. Viewing that information in easy-to-create dashboards can help lead to insights that lead to results. For example, you might create a quick report of customers who haven’t purchased from you in a while to start a reengagement campaign. Or you might create a list of customers with small orders so your sales reps can share the full breadth of your product lines to gain more of their business. In many cases, this type of activity can help your sales reps get in front of customers at just the right time for important purchasing decisions.

Get the Deal Done with Mobile

SMP gives your reps the mobile tools they need to be successful inside and outside the office, plus the data sharing capabilities the whole team needs to stay on the same page. With SMP, you get native mobile apps for iOS and Android that connect you to your CRM data when you need it most — while you’re in front of your customer. This means you are more likely to close a deal while you’re right in front of the customer without having to return to the office to look up information. Your reps can view activities, projects and information inside of your ERP system while they are working on a job site with your customers.

Keep Everyone on the Same Page

How much time does you team waste in managing spreadsheets and internal communications around sales and customers? SMP gives you the ability to quickly produce actionable BI and reports without having to manipulate spreadsheets or call your IT team. That means that your team can all be up to speed on the latest efforts in your company while saving time spent on reporting and communicating.


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