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Five Reasons Distribution CMOs Love SMP

The top marketing executives at most distribution firms never have enough resources. There seem to be endless opportunities that sales reps and vendors want to take advantage of, but a very limited supply of marketing funds and staff. SMP makes life a little more easy for distribution chief marketing officers. Here are five ways we help.
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Help! My Email Contacts Change Jobs Too Quickly

The distributors we talk to are often concerned about their ability to keep up with the turnover in their customer locations. If you customer contacts leave or change job roles at a fast rate, this impacts your email effectiveness. Marketing wonks call this “deliverability.”
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Make Business Intelligence Work for Sales and Marketing

Beating out your competition usually means being able to make better decisions faster than other distributors. This requires actionable intelligence at the push of a button. Better intelligence allows you to analyze buying patterns, target new and profitable sales opportunities and make fast decisions that give you the edge in your markets.
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