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Is There a Wrong Time to Implement CRM?

Distribution sales teams often ask us, “when is the best time to implement CRM?” That implies that there is a wrong time to implement CRM; however, is there ever a wrong time to grow sales in your company? The truth is that when business is down that is exactly the time you need to do something different to empower your team to grow sales and take the time to retool your sales practices. And when business is up, you need a tool to help support your growth so that the wheels don’t come off the bus.
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Integrate Your Email Marketing System With Your ERP And CRM System

With tight integrations to your other systems, your marketing teams will save many hours per month gathering useful information that will result in higher response rates and ultimately higher sales. Additionally, your customers will have a richer experience with your email marketing because it will be tuned to their goals, needs and purchasing habits.
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Make Business Intelligence Work for Sales and Marketing

Beating out your competition usually means being able to make better decisions faster than other distributors. This requires actionable intelligence at the push of a button. Better intelligence allows you to analyze buying patterns, target new and profitable sales opportunities and make fast decisions that give you the edge in your markets.
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