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Five Reasons Distribution CMOs Love SMP

The top marketing executives at most distribution firms never have enough resources. There seem to be endless opportunities that sales reps and vendors want to take advantage of, but a very limited supply of marketing funds and staff. SMP makes life a little more easy for distribution chief marketing officers. Here are five ways we help.
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How to Tell When Your Pocket Has Been Picked

Sales Management Plus makes it easy to take a “big picture” look at the overall health of your business. For example, using the Business Totals subject area, a salesperson is able to quickly see all the product groups he sells to his customers – month by month. Hopefully those dollars are going up; but if they’re not, it’s better to catch it early than after it’s too late to change the trend. You can use the Business Totals subject area to hone in on what Product Levels may show declining sales, and then use other subject areas in Sales Management Plus to gain insight into exactly what those customers were buying before, but aren’t today.
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