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SMP Welcomes Mountainland Supply Company

SMP Welcomes Mountainland Supply Company

SMP is happy to welcome Mountainland Supply Company to our user family.

Mountainland Supply Company started in 1947 as Provo Plumbing and Heating Supply, Inc. in the bustling metropolis of a postwar downtown Provo, Utah! Since then we have grown to 15 locations across the state and over 300 employees statewide.

Mountainland Supply Company’s activities comprise the wholesale distribution of pipe, valves and fittings, plumbing supplies, waterworks piping, turf irrigation supplies, geo textiles, plumbing specialties, enameled ware, china fixtures, showers, water heaters, storage tanks, laundry trays, rubber goods and packing, steel pipe, ductile iron pipe and fittings, PVC pipe, welding fittings and flanges, etc.

By partnering with SMP, Mountainland Supply Company will enjoy industry-leading distribution CRM, reporting, analytics, self-serve data visualizations, dashboards and marketing in a single platform.

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