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SMP New Feature Highlights: Open Orders and Quotes

SMP New Feature Highlights: Open Orders and Quotes

Did you know that you can now import Open Orders and Quotes into SMP from your ERP? This process requires a little bit of setup on the part of your company and SMP, but once integrated, this new feature provides some great benefits for your team. These include:

  • Tracking Open Orders by customer, branch, salesperson and more
  • Giving your sales team a window into the order “backlog” so they can keep customers apprised accordingly.
  • Getting a window into all the Quotes your inside team is writing daily.
  • Taking it a step further and setting up automatic Quote-to-Project conversions to help you close more business, and even assign follow-up tasks to the account managers so they call the customer about those big-ticket business opportunities.

Similar to your SMP implementation, The SMP Team will want to meet with you, discuss the Open Order and Quotes details that are in your ERP today, and review test data from your system before proceeding. Once that’s complete, The SMP Team can make recommendations for how you can set up the automatic Quote-to-Project conversion process, and even the auto-assignment of follow-up SMP Tasks to accompany those projects. It’s a great way to increase your ROI with SMP, and help your team stay out in front on your sales pipeline!

Here’s a quick look at how the data appears in SMP.

The new Subject Areas are noted on the ribbon:


And the details of the Orders or Quotes look similar to this (note the scroll bar at the bottom – you can scroll right to reveal more information):


Want more info on how you can implement this for your team? Please contact your company’s SMP Administrator and ask him or her to contact SMP for more details.

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