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SMP Introduces the Newly Redesigned MarketPro

SMP Introduces the Newly Redesigned MarketPro

What is MarketPro? MarketPro is an email marketing tool that is fully integrated within your SMP database and allows you to create effective, customized, targeted e-mailers that include photos, graphics and other custom content by dragging & dropping default sections into a template. The built-in editor makes it easy to customize the template of your choice to create effective marketing efforts/campaigns to meet your business goals & provide the look your customers know.


Our unique ‘Sections Default’ tab allows users to create default newsletter sections for the company’s account – essentially, a complete template of sections that can be used for any newsletter going forward. This makes newsletter creation easier and more consistent. The predefined information in these newsletter sections will be used as a default when these sections are added to a newsletter template in the Newsletter Creation tab. Users then have the option to edit the default sections or use an HTML program outside of MarketPro and simply copy/paste their code in the appropriate fields.

MarketPro not only allows users to leverage the contacts found inside of their SMP database but also allows for upload of email lists from Excel. Unlike SMP-centric contacts, the ad-hoc imported contact lists can be profiled and saved without association to a customer that already exists in the database. List Management allows users to edit existing lists, combine contacts from multiple lists into a new list, and/or query all contacts based on common characteristics and create new lists. In addition, the Dynamic List Management feature allows users to create a set of criteria for a specific list, and anytime new contacts are added to MarketPro that meet said criteria, the contacts are automatically added to relevant lists.

As you are creating your marketing e-mailer, MarketPro offers you the ability to preview it in HTML view so you know exactly how your recipients will see your message when it arrives. In addition, MarketPro gives you the flexibility to schedule the e-mailers to be sent on a specific date/time, up to 1 year in advance.

Of course you’ll want to know what works so you can plan your next step. So our reporting options allow the user to run reports at any time after a newsletter is sent. These reports include options such as who opened the e-mail, what items were clicked and how many times, how many e-mailers bounced back, and more. From the moment you hit send, our tools will tell you who’s opening, clicking, and sharing your emails.

Let MarketPro take your email marketing to a whole new level! We are currently accepting clients to Beta Test our new interface and provide feedback and/or suggestions. MarketPro is a subscription based service but for a limited time clients will receive a 50% discount on the one-time licensing fee by signing up during the Beta testing period.

If you are interested in learning more about SMP’s MarketPro 2.0 or want to sign up to be a Beta client, please contact The SMP Team at

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