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SMP Integrates with Constant Contact for Seamless Distribution Marketing Experience

SMP provides API connectors to allow integration with outside data points to help you know more about your customers, respond more quickly to their needs and track progress.  Whether that means integration with an outside Lead Management System, Marketing Automation Platforms, E-Commerce System, or others, we have you covered. 

To learn more or get started, contact your SMP account manager today.

SMP APIs allow reading of customer and contact data directly from SMP, followed by the ability to write back new customer and prospect information as well as new/updated contact info to your chosen third-party tools, including activity creation in SMP as a part of the write-back process – such as who received certain marketing campaign messages; what actions did a contact take as a result of your company’s outreach; what info does a new prospect/lead need from you from a sales perspective; and more.

We’re excited to announce that we have completed an integration with Constant Contact’s email marketing platform using our APIs. This integration streamlines your marketing processes, eliminating the need for manual intervention in your list creation for the various campaigns you run inside of Constant Contact.

With this integration, users can now send their contacts directly to their Constant Contact account. This includes synchronizing all of your marketing lists from SMP to Constant Contact.

No more juggling contacts in different places – your SMP contact profiles, including marketing interests and company profile values, will be included, allowing for a more personalized approach to your marketing strategies.

Whether your contacts have opted in or out, this feature ensures that all your segmented contacts are readily available for easy email marketing. This takes the burden off of your marketing team and allows you to create highly targeted communications with your customers.

It’s extremely important to respect your customer’s marketing preferences to maintain trust and legal compliance; however, maintaining various opt-ins in multiple systems and across multiple marketing lists can involve a lot of manual effort. This new integration includes a bi-directional synchronization of your opt-outs to ensure you stay on top of your list health. This means any updates to a contact’s marketing preferences in either SMP or Constant Contact will be reflected in both platforms, ensuring your company fully respects your contacts’ marketing preferences.

Better Sales and Marketing Alignment with the Power of SMP – The Convenience of Constant Contact

When your marketing lists are based on customer profiles and purchasing data, you’re able to create highly personalized and targeted email campaigns. This creates alignment with your sales activities driven through SMP because you are using the same underlying customer insights to build your targeted customer lists.

It starts with powerful list segmentation inside of SMP that combines ERP, sales and purchasing history to quickly create targeted lists. This allows you to create precise targeting for you email campaigns and easily create trackable sales campaigns using the same information inside of SMP. This coordinated and personalized communication increases the effectiveness of both your marketing and sales efforts.

When both teams are working from the same customer data, it ensures that messaging is consistent across all touchpoints. This leads to higher customer engagement, trust and loyalty. You’ll execute more campaigns, they will be better targeted and they will coordinate with your sales efforts for a great impact on your revenue.

To learn more or get started, contact your SMP account manager today.

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