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Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs with Distribution CRM

Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs with Distribution CRM

Customer acquisition costs (CAC) are the amount you must spend to generate a new customer. It is the total amount that you spend on marketing and sales over a period to generate a new client. Frequently, distributors will also measure total revenue or total orders across the period to get a fuller view of CAC by customer growth, sales and order counts. If your CAC levels cannot scale with growth, you may find it difficult to grow profits along with revenue. The lower your CAC the more valuable your company is to shareholders and private equity groups because it demonstrates a scalable and repeatable model for growth.

Fortunately, as a leading distribution-specific CRM platform, SMP helps you reduce CAC in several ways:

Profile your target customers. SMP makes it easy to profile important targeted lists so you can create personalized campaigns, target specific markets based on change in competitive behavior, launch new products to their right audiences and guide reps to the right deals faster.

Improved outreach. SMP makes it easy to create timely and relevant messages for customers. No more guess work or wasted time. You can hit each customer in multiple channels – email, online, LinkedIn, calls and more – increasing the likelihood of purchasing.

Improve upsells. SMP makes it easy to monitor your upsell, cross-sell and repeat sales for each customer. You can quickly identify complimentary products based on purchasing history and help identify new customers for new products. Selling more to customers who are already ordering from you is the fastest way to add revenue without increasing your marketing spend.

Optimize sales follow up. With integrated CRM, your sales reps will be able to manage all new leads and opportunities and prioritize those that are likely to convert or have the highest profit levels. SMP’s Bid and Quote Closer automatically creates a dynamic, track-able opportunity when a bid or quote is created above a threshold you define. This saves your rep time in creating and managing important opportunities as well as making it easier to follow up on those bids and quotes.

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