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[Recording] Is Your Company Ready for CRM

[Webcast Recording] Is Your Company Ready for CRM

Are You Ready for the Latest in Distribution Technology?

Learn why distribution companies are rushing to the latest technology platform for sales and marketing execution and discover how it can be a competitive differentiator and driver of growth and profit in your own company.

In this informative webinar recording, we discuss:

  • Drivers of change in the distribution industry that are motivating executives to explore new technology options in sales management
  • Ways a distribution-specific CRM increases your top line and sales efficiency
  • How to use data discovery and data visualization to improve new business development and customer experience
  • Maximizing close rates with technology
  • Providing mobile tools to sales reps to maximize their selling time in the field
  • And much, much more

Don’t Miss the Report

Be sure to download this informative report to find out if your company is ready for CRM:



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