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[Recording] 2017 Trends in Distribution Sales and Marketing

[Webcast Recording] 2017 Trends in Distribution Sales and Marketing

Learn What Distribution Sales and Marketing Leaders Have Planned in 2017

Would you like to get the data-driven, inside scoop on what other distributors are planning in 2017 for sales, marketing, business intelligence and mobile technologies? The results might surprise you.

This year, SMP surveyed many distribution sales and marketing professionals in a series of focus groups to discover:

  • What are their top sales priorities for 2017?
  • What sales management challenges do they face?
  • Which mobile sales strategies are in their plans?
  • How do they use business intelligence?
  • What is their level of targeted marketing execution?
  • Which new sales and marketing technologies do they see as the most promising?

And now the results are in.

We’ve compiled the responses from our focus group sessions and you’re invited to learn the results in this recorded webcast. This informative webcast discuss advances in sales management tools, new approaches in enterprise-wide business intelligence, best practices in targeted marketing and much more.

Don’t Miss the Report

Be sure to download this informative report on the findings of our focus groups:

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