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Video: Providing the Right Tools for Sales and Marketing

Video: Providing the Right Tools for Sales and Marketing

Often we get calls from IT Managers that are tasked to find the right tools to drive sales and marketing, and efficiencies within their organization.  Sometimes the business owner, CEO, CFO or other executive assigned IT the project of researching new solutions. In other cases, The IT department themselves act to find processes to improve organizations and have heard that SMP users have more productive sales organizations.

In either case, the IT department faces a challenge. They know that whatever tool they provide, it cannot be a tool with a huge overhead and they don’t want to constantly teach it to new employees or support it for current employees. That often brings them to SMP.

As a hosted application, there is little to no overhead with SMP. The IT team also saves time with training because SMP does the training for you and offers ongoing training free of charge for our client base. SMP takes on the burden of support for their application. SMP provides IT with the ability to support their sales team with a tool that it is easy, has valuable sales data in it, and addresses the real-life needs the sales people have.

SMP helps bring your ERP, business intelligence tools and sales data together so that you don’t have to run separate report writers, dashboard tools, CRM and mobile tools, and more. It’s all in one with SMP. You employees can access all of your information on-demand without stressing the IT team.

Please join SMP President Joe Raventos in this brief video as he discusses how to provide your sales teams with the tools they need.

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