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Projects – Adding SMP Tasks Automatically Based on Project Type

Projects – Adding SMP Tasks Automatically Based on Project Type

Users wanted an easy and consistent way to pre define follow up steps based on “Project Type”

smp-adding-tasks_newsletter-2-column-graphicAs part of the enhancements to SMP in 8.3 released early in 2016, we incorporated functionality that allows admins to create/designate SMP Tasks to be automatically created AND assigned based on a Project’s Type!

Here are some quick tips for using this new functionality from an administrative perspective.

  • Log into SMP on Desktop
  • Choose SMP Admin (please note, if you are not an administrator, you will not see this subject area)
  • Choose Projects Tab
  • In the upper right, you can customize SMP Tasks (by subject, relative due date, task assignment and notes) for as many SMP Tasks as you’d like to be assigned to projects – all based on Types.
    • Let’s say a project type called “Conversion” exists – and you want the project manager to follow-up within 5 days of project creation, and then the account manager to follow-up within 15 days.
    • Start by selecting the project type (in the case of our example: Conversion) on the left (click on the light blue area to the left of the Project Type to select it)
    • On the right side – define your tasks by subject, due date, assigned to, and add generic notes.
    • Once this is complete – add your second Task and so on.
    • Remember to “save” changes immediately below the task area to save your changes before exiting.
  • Now, every time a new Conversion type project is created, the user will be prompted to confirm the addition of automatic tasks. It’s that easy. Just be sure you educate your users so they’ll know what the popup is about, and that they should select ‘yes’ if prompted to automatically add tasks.
  • You can set up as many SMP Tasks per Project Type as you like – and each Type can have its own set (and number) of Tasks.

projects-add-tasks1 projects-add-tasks2

If you have questions about this process, please reach out to your SMP Account Manager, or email us at!

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