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Preparing for Sales Meetings Should Take Seconds, Not Hours

Preparing for Sales Meetings Should Take Seconds, Not Hours

Preparing for Sales MeetingsYour sales people can instantly tell when you not prepared for a sales meeting. Lack of preparation sends a signal that you don’t take your own meetings seriously, so why should anyone else? The main reason sales managers come unprepared is not for lack of care but for lack of the right tools. If it takes hours to get to the data you need to make decisions, most managers default to asking their reps to provide information in a big round up meeting.

With the right CRM solution, gaining visibility into key accounts and sales rep data can happen at the push of a button. At the end of the day, sales success is a matter of numbers. Keeping your team accountable means you need to know their level of activity, key reports, pipeline statistics, forecasts and metrics at any time, not just in a weekly status update. This data allows you to make better decisions on a daily basis, but it also allows you to transform your meetings beyond status updates and into real opportunities for diagnosis, leadership and coaching.

Your sales people will also be better prepared for meetings because a solid CRM system gives them better visibility into customer information, account planning, activity levels, trends and more. Together, you’ll have the tools you need to collaborate and effectively manage the right behaviors.

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