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Now is the Time for Distribution-specific CRM

What We Heard from Our Recent Events: Now is the Time for Distribution-specific CRM

We just returned from three distribution events (Blue Hawk Spring Conference, Mincron INsight and Epicor Insights) and one thing came through loud and clear from the distributors we spoke with: now is the time to implement distribution-specific CRM.

There are a number of factors driving the interest in increased sales and marketing execution within the distribution industry, but here were the top five reasons were heard.

1. The economy is returning

A number of distributors at these shows told us that their businesses were growing again and they were looking for ways to save time and improve visibility in their sales pipeline management. They also appreciated that SMP’s hosted infrastructure allows them to get up and running quickly so that their sales teams can continue to focus on their new growth opportunities.

2. Distributors are tired of costly generic solutions

The distributors we spoke with understood the importance of implementing a distribution-specific sales and marketing solution. They understood that distribution-specific means much more than just offering a little extra functionality or changing a field name here or there. SMP maintains tight integrations with leading distribution software packages like Eclipse, Prophet 21, Epicor, InFor SX, Mincron, Array and others so that you can leverage the data in your ERP system for better profiling and sales execution.

3. Distribution sales now requires mobile solutions

Your sales team probably spends more time on the road or visiting customers than they do in the office. They need to have access to customer information anywhere at anytime on their smartphones and devices. SMP’s mobile solutions save time and allow you respond immediately to customer issues and orders without having to return to the office.

4. Sales and marketing execution has grown beyond the front office

When a customer calls to place an order, your relationship doesn’t end there. Your sales and marketing processes cover your entire business, and departmental lines are meaningless to your customers. They want to know that you understand them from order to shipping to billing to training, and especially in offering new products to help them succeed in their own businesses. SMP is a true distribution-specific end-to-end sales and marketing solution that works just the way you do.

5. Customers have changed the way they buy

Customer no longer wait for your sales teams to drop in and educate them on new products. They do their own research and make their own decisions with or without you. Using modern tools like email marketing has become critical in this new market, but many distributors struggle with the technology that is required. With SMP you can be up and running in no time with automatically populated lists, purchasing history, unlimited email volumes, dynamic list management and more.

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