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New Report: Unlocking Sales with Business Intelligence and Dashboards

New Report: Unlocking Sales with Business Intelligence and Dashboards

SMP has just released a new report entitled, “Unlocking Sales with Business Intelligence and Dashboards.

Combining CRM and ERP data, analytics, data visualization and dashboards all in a single platform provides a powerful competitive advantage. That’s why SMP partnered with Qlik® to give you the edge in your sales efforts.

SMP’s BI and dashboards help sales organizations improve their sales management activities, including forecasting of revenue and tracking of performance against goals. Sales managers can freely explore their team’s performance and pipeline, from high-level visualizations down to the individual transaction level, to quickly spot and respond to outliers and concerns. And because SMP is so easy to use, sales managers do not have to rely on analysts or IT to produce reports or answer follow-up questions. They can create their own territory and team analysis, integrating data from multiple sources, and discovery unique relationships between customer buying behaviors in relation to their activity.

Download this report today to learn how a modern BI system built for distribution sales can provide you with a more predictable and effective sales process at the team, regional, and corporate levels.

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