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MarketPro Tips and Tricks

MarketPro Tips and Tricks 

SMP-MarketPro-Tips_Newsletter 2-Column GraphicSMP’s updated MarketPro, billed as MarketPro 2.0, provides companies with wonderful list management capabilities not previously available in older versions of MarketPro, and allows users to really extend the profiling capabilities of uploaded lists, and capitalize on this to target their messages based on the contact’s profile.

Did you know that with MarketPro, you can upload lists of contacts – not associated to SMP customers – and profile those contacts with any number of profiling fields you choose? Want to manage product interests by category, spouse names, birthdays, name of the trade show where you met the contact, or even whether or not they registered for your “enter to win” program? No problem with the improved version of MarketPro. Simply load the contact data and the relevant fields into a standard Excel spreadsheet, upload the data into MarketPro and designate which fields contain which data, and go! The data can be sorted or queried as needed. Now you can send targeted message to your prospect contacts directly related to their preferences or based on where/which show you met them easily.

MarketPro also allows for dynamic contact list creation – so if you consistently upload a field in your contacts related to interests or even birthday month, new contacts who meet your specific criteria can AUTOMATICALLY be added to your dynamic lists simply based on their profile. No more building and rebuilding lists every time you need to send a newsletter or e-blast to individuals with the same profile. MarketPro takes care of all the contact aggregation for you, based on the dynamic list preferences you designate.

Want more info on MarketPro and how our list management capabilities can help you take your marketing to the next level? Contact Brooke Himmelberger to learn more!

About MarketPro

MarketPro allows users to create customized, e-newsletters featuring photos, graphics and other custom content, with the ability to preview and schedule e-mails to go out at a date/time that meets the user’s needs. It allows users to not only leverage the contacts inside of SMP but also import lists of contacts ad-hoc for use in e-mail marketing efforts/campaigns. Unlike SMP-centric contacts, MarketPro contacts can be imported, profiled and saved without association to a customer that already exists in the database. Reporting options allow users to run reports at any time and include options such as who opened the e-mail, what items were clicked and how many times, how many e-mails bounced back, and more.

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