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Leveraging Data to Respond Swiftly to Customer Requests

Leveraging Data to Respond Swiftly to Customer Requests

Price and location are important, but most customers choose to work with the distributor who gives them better service. Your customers rely on you for special stock, custom solutions, delivery options, training and other unique services. Your ability to respond quickly to their needs is what sets you apart. One of the most effective ways to make your team more effective is by leveraging data.

You may have operational and sales reports, but if you’re like most distributors, you are probably not getting the most out of your data. SMP users can quickly get a picture of their customers with trends and analysis allowing them to respond to customer requests quickly. If a customer calls in with a particular need, your sales reps can run a report of customers who have made similar purchases in the past, demonstrate the value you’ve provided to other customers and get an idea of complementary products to upsell.

SMP’s Data Visualizations – A Powerful Tool

The tool that makes this possible is SMP’s data visualizations. Sales reps can easily drag-and-drop their own visual representations of complex data. No advanced data, math, or IT experience is needed. It’s simply a matter of clicking and dragging on data to identify patterns, trends and insights. This gives your sales reps insights in to how to better serve your customers, makes their response times faster and more valuable and even gives them the ability to provide a visual narrative of previous sales.

For instance, if a customer requests a particular combination of products for a project, the distributor can use data visualization to identify other customers who have made similar requests in the past. This information can then be used to show the customer how these products work together, how they have been utilized in similar projects, and why they are the best choice for the customer’s needs.

Quick Response – The Key to Customer Satisfaction

Good customer service is more than just speed, it’s about providing accurate and valuable information that meets the customer’s needs in the moment. When a customer calls in, you can quickly provide information on that call without having to make guesses or call them back later after you have researched a solution. This builds trust. Customers that get their questions answered are more likely to return for future business.

How To Use Your Data to Serve Customers

These are just some of the ways that SMP users are leveraging data to serve their customers.

  1. Customer Profile Analysis: SMP makes it easy to create new groups of customers based on buying habits, preferences and behavioral patterns. This makes your reps better suited to anticipate customers’ demands and highlight important stock needs.
  2. Automation of Processes: SMP makes it easy to automate routine tasks such as follow up on important bids and quotes or sales call campaigns. This speeds your processes up, makes you more effective at closing sales and allows your reps to spend more time servicing their customers rather than doing administrative work.
  3. Improved Communication: Data allows you to make highly customized and targeted communications to your customers. You can look at orders in progress and respond proactively to customers about status, changes or delays. Reps can quickly create lists of customers who bought products that need replaced or are under recall. You can make targeted offers of new products based on what customers purchased rather than just blasting the same information to everyone in your database.
  4. Forecasting: SMP makes it very easy to create sales forecasts, but because of our tight integration to the leading distribution software systems, you can also use your ERP data to predict future trends and demand.
  5. Personalized Marketing: With SMP, creating new highly targeted marketing lists is just a matter of making a few clicks on and easy to use data visualization. You can create lists based on purchasing history, product preferences, frequency, profitability or any other combination of sales and ERP data. Why is this so important? In our recent survey about trends in targeted marketing in the distribution industry distributors were 4.5 times more likely to see increased order profitability and 2.5 times more likely to experience higher order sizes when segmenting based on buying behavior.
  6. Service Improvements: By analyzing customer feedback inside of your notes and activities in SMP, you can quickly identify areas of your customer interactions that might need improvement. You have real-time data access, so your decision making is faster when it comes to customer needs. And SMP improves the collaboration across all your teams from sales to purchasing to service to the counter to the warehouse. This makes it easier to work together to respond to high-priority customer requests.

See For Yourself with a Free Trial

Do you want to see firsthand how SMP could work for you? Would you like to be able to leverage the data in your ERP and CRM system to quickly respond to customer requests and improve you customer service and efficiency. Schedule a free test drive of SMP.

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