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Integrate Your Email Marketing System With Your ERP And CRM System

Integrate Your Email Marketing System With Your ERP And CRM System

Smart distribution marketers want to be able to leverage all of their customer data for their email campaigns. Imagine the power of integrating your ERP and CRM data into your list management and email profiling capabilities. You could combine CRM data (who sold what to whom) with rich data from your ERP system (product costs, customer profile details, and more) in order to identify which groups of customers would be most likely to respond to various email offers and campaigns.

With tight integrations to your other systems, your marketing teams will save many hours per month gathering useful information that will result in higher response rates and ultimately higher sales. Additionally, your customers will have a richer experience with your email marketing because it will be tuned to their goals, needs and purchasing habits.

With the right integrated system, you can close the gap between your email marketing efforts and your sales and product data. This brings your marketing more in line with your sales and operations activities. It also lets you deliver content that your customers will appreciate and find valuable. You will have a better understanding of how your customers want to be engaged and then have a toolset that will let you segment lists based on the behaviors you identify and make carefully targeted offers to those easily generated lists.

But to pull this off, you need a sales and marketing system that is built for that integration and also understand the specific needs of your distribution business. That integration is the foundation upon which all of SMP’s solutions are built—including MarketPro, our email marketing solution. We integrate to the leading distribution software solutions, including Eclipse, Prophet 21, Infor SX.e, Mincron, Array among others.

One of the biggest benefits of using a marketing system that is tightly integrated to your ERP system is the ability to better segment and target your customers and prospects with relevant messages and offers. You can deliver the exact content your customer needs at the right time.
fits with their intent and their needs.

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