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increasing purchasing frequency to stay top of mind

Increase Purchasing Frequency by Staying Top of Mind

A very important piece of the puzzle in your revenue plan is to leverage every insight you’ve gained to strengthen relationships with existing customers, giving them a greater sense of loyalty and encouraging more frequent purchases. Unfortunately, most distributors don’t have an effective way of engaging and reconnecting with buyers before or after sales. Leads from marketing campaigns, e-commerce stores, and inbound content strategies are often left neglected or forgotten. SMP provides you with the insight and tools to ensure that your customers never forget about you.  With SMP, you can be sure to stay on top of your customer’s minds.  Utilizing this powerful platform will give a huge boost to both relationships and sales. 

Selling More to Current Customers is More Profitable Than Selling New Customers

Selling to existing customers is much more profitable than selling to new ones. You know your current customer’s needs and behavior, and you can easily track their history in your CRM database. This allows you to stay on top of their needs and maintain a strong relationship with them that gives your business a distinct competitive edge when it comes to sales. Taking the time to nurture these relationships and keep your customers informed of new products or services can pay off in the long run. By investing in customer loyalty, you will be rewarded with repeat purchases and increased revenue from future sales.

Selling to existing customers is typically less expensive and time consuming to sell to current customers because they are already familiar with your product or service offering. Additionally, customer loyalty and repeat business can result in increased sales over time. Current customers who have had positive experiences with your company may be more likely to recommend your products and services to others, further increasing sales opportunities. Finally, current customers are often easier to market to since you have a better understanding of their needs and requirements. This allows you to tailor marketing campaigns or promotions specifically for existing customers that can result in increased sales while also promoting customer loyalty.

Cultivating Relationships

By cultivating a strong relationship with your existing customers, you create an atmosphere of trust and support that keeps them coming back. This helps to solidify customer loyalty and allows you to better understand their wants and needs, which in turn gives you a greater advantage when selling your products or services.

Your customers will appreciate the effort that you put into staying connected with them, as it shows that you truly value their business. With strong communication and relationship-building, you can offer a superior customer experience that will keep your customers coming back for more.

Having access to reliable data within a sales enablement platform enables companies to create personalized, specific messages and one-on-one sales tracking. This shows customers that their needs are being taken into account and valued, leading to increased customer loyalty and higher spending. Studies show that customers spend three times more with those they have an established relationship with. With the right sales enablement platform, you can easily build this relationship and benefit from increased revenue.

In the end, staying connected with your current customers and building up their loyalty is an invaluable business asset that gives you a distinct competitive advantage when it comes to selling your products or services. Investing in relationships pays off – both now and in the future.

By taking the time to nurture your relationships with current customers, you can create a cycle of loyalty that will lead to increased revenue and success for your business. 

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