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Improve Revenue by Staying Top of Mind With Your Customers

After you gain control of your customer database, the next most important element of your revenue plan is to stay top of mind with all of the customers in your database, both the old regulars and the new leads. The key here is to target and nurture your customers – with the right messages at the right time

Most companies have no defined processes for engaging and re-engaging customers before and after a sale. SMP gives you the visibility and the tools to make sure you stay top of mind with your customers and communicate with them at critical junctures along the selling path.

What is Staying Top of Mind?

Imagine that you have a strategy of consistent messaging to prospects who have never purchased from your company, and their current supplier does not. That buyer then consistently receives timely messages and accurate information from you (i.e. “we see that you’ve never purchased from us – we provide these products and services and we add this value – how we can earn your business?”) It doesn’t take long for your company to gain at least an opportunity to gain new business from that prospect – it may not happen overnight, but staying top-of-mind ensures that when they are ready, you are front and center.

Data-Driven Sales and Marketing Messages

Staying top of mind begins with better data.  Dynamic and real-time reporting on behavior gives you quick and powerful feedback you need to push the process forward. Reporting makes it easy to generate new lists based on digital behavior as well as provide your sales team with the hottest leads from your marketing outreach.

Consistent Marketing is Critical

SMP helps you stay top of mind with your customers with cost-effective and easy-to-implement e-marketing.

You can:

  • Send scheduled newsletters
  • Easily profile new marketing lists
  • Create Planned or ad-hoc email marketing
  • Customize offers based on preferences and buying history
  • Use our built-in HTML editors, or use your own
  • Use built-in reports for click-throughs and forwards to measure the success of your campaigns, and qualify marketing leads
  • Coordinate vendor comarketing campaigns with list management, trackable campaigns and activities and data visualizations to collaborate on new ideas

Sales that goes from thought to execution

Reps love SMP because it lets them focus on what they do best — selling. SMP makes it easy identify buying behavior, trends, demographics, locations, product needs and more. But most importantly, reps can put those insights into immediate action with SMP.  These include the ability to:

  • Identify and nurture you most profitable customers
  • Create a follow up list of customers who haven’t purchased in “x” number days
  • Follow up on the latest vendor comarketing offers
  • Never lose track of an important bid or quote
  • Coordinate quick marketing lead follow up calls
  • Identify new ways to upsell based on product trends
  • Provide immediate communication to customers when a particular discount or vendor rebate is available to extend the lines they purchase from you.
  • Create one-to-one messages based on your customers buying profiles
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